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  1. Maverick351

    Leftover Tag List Dates?

    When can we put in for these if we werent drawn?
  2. Maverick351

    Bbq wood pellets

    I know I can get them at a store but is anyone here in the east valley a dealer for wood pellets for smoking?
  3. Maverick351

    Nock-2-it release SOLD

    Text sent
  4. Maverick351

    Lets talk boots

    Best tjing Ive foind is a guy named Clay at High Angle Hunter in flagstaff. His knowledge on boots is immense and impressive. He even traveled down here to the valley and brought me 10 different styles of boots to try in and sample and explained the differences in great detail so I could truly appreciate and understand and get what was best for me. Even if its not something he carries he was more than willing to help and inform. Tell him Junior sent you and he'll take great care of you
  5. Maverick351

    Archery lessons?

    If you're in the east valley Timber Mesa has coaches who will be more than happy to help you out.
  6. Maverick351

    Timber Mesa Queen Creek Closed

    Thank you all. And Forepaw, I have worked with the bowtuners who used to be at headquarters and I welcome you to come pay me a visit and let me help you out.
  7. Maverick351

    Timber Mesa Queen Creek Closed

    It was open for a year. Yes as sad as it is we have decided to close it. We were really only picking up a handful of customers at a new shop and splitting the many we had at the Mesa location. Myself I was managing the QC shop and have met many of you. I am now managing the Mesa shop and helping bring Timber Mesa to a new era. I look forward to seeing you at the shop. Junior
  8. Maverick351


    QAD are good rests but more prone to failure than a trophy taker. I have dealt with more QAD warranties than trophy taker
  9. Maverick351

    JOAD Program in Chandler, Gilbert Area

    Timber Mesa on stapely and baseline does with a world class coach
  10. Maverick351

    Opinions needed for EV archery shops

    If youd like to come see me (Junior) at the QC location Id be happy to help you out. I love meeting fellow member so please come introduce yourself. Or feel free to pm me if you have any questions. I try to check msgs at least once a day. Now is the time to get any work done as it only gets bussier the closer to season. Btw a big and sincere thank you to all who have reccommended me and the QC location. Give me a chance and Ill do everything I can to take care of you an earn a new customer for life.
  11. Maverick351

    Late Archery Bull... Whose been successful?

    Following this as I believe I drew a late cow tag in 22
  12. Maverick351

    Left handed cari-bow recurve

    Very nice. If I could afford a decent offer right now I would. But since I cant. Best of luck finding leftys theres only a handfull of lefty recurve shooters
  13. Looking for an E collar with a 3/4 mile or 1 mile range
  14. Maverick351

    Tritronics pro 70 with collars

    Pm sent.