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  1. Maverick351

    WTS: Flashlights Klarus and Olight

    Pm sent
  2. Maverick351


    I am looking to speak with anybody who is very familiar with 24a and especially the Pinal Mountain area. I am not looking for spots. I am looking for anybody who has been up there quite a bit recently and maybe has cameras up there to discuss some recent activity. Please feel free to message me
  3. Maverick351

    rip cord max vs qad ultra

    I would take the ripcord max over the qad but neither are limb driven. Stay with a smackdown, limbdriver or a hamskea if you want limb driven.
  4. Maverick351

    Mystery Ranch Metcalf $350

  5. Maverick351

    Mystery Ranch Metcalf $350

    Ok i sent it again
  6. Maverick351

    Mystery Ranch Metcalf $350

    Pm sent
  7. Maverick351

    Anyone in 24B

    Yes sir.
  8. Maverick351

    Anyone in 24B

    Glad to hear someone is seeing javelina. Deer are plentiful but thats not on her tag so we been ignoring them.
  9. Maverick351

    Anyone in 24B

    Her hunt starts next Friday. Been to a few more spots but nothing yet. Will be back out on Sunday for one last scouting trip before her hunt.
  10. Maverick351

    Anyone in 24B

    I wouldn't so much mind that but I'll have my 11 yr old daughter with me on her first hunt. I am just using my otc hunt to scout for hers
  11. Maverick351

    Anyone in 24B

    Anyone had any luck finding javelina? Im checking all the haunts I know and not seeing much. Seems like they have moved out of the area.
  12. Maverick351

    Any outdoorsmans heads for sale?

    Did he have any? I saw online it says they are closed till monday
  13. Maverick351

    Any outdoorsmans heads for sale?

    Thanks I'm aware they sell them.
  14. Maverick351

    Any outdoorsmans heads for sale?

    Just like title asks. Looking for outdoorsmans head just curious whats available.
  15. Maverick351

    Outdoorsmans Pan head, Jim White head

    Are these still available?