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  1. Maverick351

    Anyone have any luck in 6b?

    Wife was drawn in a mix up and only reading negative reviews about the unit so far.
  2. Maverick351

    Need glassing gear advice

    That's the pro model. Looking for the regular
  3. Maverick351

    Need glassing gear advice

    Anyone know where you can still buy a Benro S2
  4. Maverick351

    Last Day for Junior's Raffle Tickets

    Thank you all for all your help and support. Sean was truly instrumental in making this as big as it was. Words can not describe my gratitude to everyone. This was the most successful raffle Timber Mesa has ever done. It is truly humbling and heartwarming knowing how much the community cares and will come together.
  5. Maverick351


    Pm sent
  6. Maverick351

    Raffle for Junior

    Hey guy's I just wanted to say thank you for the support and kind words I have received from so many of you. Right now I am waiting on my next appointment to see what the next step is going to be. I will update everyone next month when I know more. Again myself and my family thank you.
  7. Maverick351

    Cable stop alignment

    Timber Mesa Outdoors would love to help you out with any of your archery needs
  8. Maverick351

    Raffle for Junior

    Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have pitched in and helped. Words can not begin to describe how grateful myself and my family are. It is truly awesome and inspiring to see the community come together to help one of their own. I am not on much but will continue to check in periodically. This raffle continues to grow with people donating different products for prizes and it is not limited to hunting or fishing. I am really amazed. Thank you all again.
  9. Maverick351

    Bowflex max trainer

    Anyone use one and have any feedback?
  10. Maverick351


    Where you located
  11. Maverick351

    2021 Hoyt Eclipse 9.9/10

    Guys buy with confidence. I can promise you no matter how feminine your wife or girlfriend that you're looking at the bow for may be the owner of this bow has softer more delicate hands and has only truly babied this bow. This is a good deal from a good seller
  12. Maverick351

    Fox Pro Banshee

    I sent a pm 2x but says its not going through. Id like to buy it.
  13. Maverick351

    Fox Pro Banshee

    Pm sent
  14. Maverick351

    Primos Power Dog E Caller

    Pm sent
  15. Maverick351

    Wtb electronic predator caller

    Just seeing what or if anyone had one for sale. Figured its worth a shot before buying new. Pm me if you do. Thanks