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  1. elkocd

    Flagstaff camping

    Think you guys got the best of it. 2nd season has been almost completely dead. Very little bugling the 1st day, then totally quite. Haven't seen or talked to anyone who even has a cow yet.
  2. elkocd

    2021 Rut Activity

    It has really shut down around here. Not sure if it was the full moon or all the people everywhere in the forest. Seems like it should be on fire with this weather.
  3. elkocd

    2021 Rut Activity

    Honestly I was expecting to hear something in that area. Some tracks, but all the tanks were empty and no bugling. Did find some bugling bulls this am way away from there, but still not what I'd expect to hear in the 19th of Sept.
  4. elkocd

    2021 Rut Activity

    Was probably me Spent time in that area yesterday early AM and heard nothing other than myself.
  5. elkocd

    2021 Rut Activity

    Been extremely quite around Flagstaff. Thought is was getting going last week, then turned for the worse.
  6. elkocd

    2021 Rut Activity

    Woke up today to a 300ish bull screaming outside my trailer and tearing up a tree. He was all alone and roaming, obviously calling for and looking for cows.
  7. elkocd

    2021 Rut Activity

    Been around Flagstaff 7W, 7E and 11 for a few days and have not heard a bugle. Watched some groups of elk and didn't see any rut activity.
  8. elkocd

    Strictly bull size 27 or 8?

    Got lucky and drew either 27 or 8 early archery bull. I hunted 27 late rifle a few years ago and have studied it a lot so I have some idea of what is possible there. For a guy able and willing to hunt any and all parts of of both units, which do you think hold the better size bulls? I know they are very different hunts so throw out access, pressure etc.. Just trying to understand which one holds more say 350"+ bulls?
  9. This year it will be Mt House meals for me, my 12 year old son and my dad. In some cold basin miles from the nearest road and hopefully anyone else. It won't be a traditional thanksgiving, but one we will all remember. Probably more than any other.
  10. Im sure this is not the case, but your post sounds like you are after your 3rd bull this year. I am after my 3rd bull this year. I took a 6 point archery bull in OR and took a 6 point archery bull in WY. The WY bull is my profile pic. So holding out for something bigger than I already have this year is my goal.
  11. Late 27 bull for me. I will be holding out for 330+ I know the realities of that, but I already have taken two 6 point archery bulls this year so it's big or bust for me. My 12 year old son and my dad will be there with me.
  12. elkocd

    Did Unit 1 get shot out in 2013?

    I live in Hood River. Small world!
  13. elkocd

    Elk late rifle hunters

    33 lol. September archery season in WY it gets in the teens. 33 in the tent in the AM is like shorts weather. Good luck to all you guys. I hope to be down there myself next year. Probably in a tent
  14. I’ve been lurking on here for a while reading all the great stories about AZ elk hunting, all the while building points to one day hunt down there. Next year it’s time. I’ve decided to jump in for a late season rifle tag even though I’ve been an archery only elk hunter for about 12 years. I just love hunting, rifle or bow so I’m excited to pick up the gun and spend some time down south in the early winter. A little about how I hunt. I consider myself a pretty hardcore back pack type hunter. I hunt the rugged river breaks here in OR, and the high mts of Western WY every year. In WY we backpack in 3-6 miles and camp for 1-2 weeks. So rugged and off the beaten path does not concern me. I prefer to get away and get away from the crowds. The hunts I am consider are 23, 27, 22 south and 10. I would say 1, but I think I need a couple more points to be guaranteed 1. I would love to hear some of your thoughts. PMs would be great if you don’t want to post specific unit info. I understand. I would be very happy to share info about OR and WY if anyone is interested. Based on my limited knowledge here is why I am consider these units and the concerns I have for each: 23: Good bulls, not too many tags, good access. My concern is I could not get away from the crowds as much as I would like. 27: Good bulls, can get away from the people if you are willing to do the work. Concern, lots of tags maybe not as good of bulls. 22South: Very few tags, good access, high success rates, could most likely have some solitude away from hunting pressure. Concerned about finding a good bull. 10: Don’t know enough about this one, but it sounds like there are good bulls, good glassing etc.. Concerned about lots of tags, access and getting away from people. Thanks Rick
  15. elkocd

    22 South Muzzleloader Bull

    That's cool! I'm sure that hunt will last a lifetime for him and his parents