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  1. Thanks for reminding all of us in the Tucson area that we grow our own scumbags here. Hunting gear is expensive, and often not easily replaceable.
  2. Hey guys, Have not used a rifle since 2009. Decided that practice is key, so I started practicing for the shot, only a few shots at a time. Mostly sitting once I got sighted in, and never more than ten shots at a time. Usually, two to four, doing the thoughtful practice as they call it in archery. Became comfortable out to 130 yards, in the sitting position, with open sighted 30-06. Took this deer first day out, 132 yards, sitting. Light was perfect for open sights. He is kinda big in the body, with a smaller rack. Nice to carry a fine rifle in the mountains. Wanted to shoot one of the bigger ones that live up there, but work is work, and incoming gusty wind was the weather. Overall, a great rifle hunt. Practice paid off.
  3. turbo

    Big City Buck

    Nice job. Seems the mulies are where they want to be, and that can be the big open or the city brush.
  4. turbo

    Coues deer with a lever action?

    First two coues, Marlin lever rifle, 50 yards and 20 yards running.
  5. turbo

    Unit 33 - Redington Rd area

    There are lots of bucks in that country. Arizona has lots of backpack hunters, but the vast landscape leave plenty of deer for all. You will have a memorable hunt. Post the photos, success or not, and good luck.
  6. turbo

    I decided to get in shape this year

    intermittent fasting works for many of us older guys and gals. I am not keeping a schedule, just 14 to 24 hrs when I want.
  7. turbo

    First timer hunting in 36B

    Ask border patrol about the area(s). I have bow-hunted down there in Jan and summer season. Lots of old sign of the last great invasion before Trump: rape trees, backpacks in washes, but that is specific to certain areas. IMO, MUCH SAFER since the Golden Don took the helm. And, also in my opinion, a motivated man/woman with a bolt rifle could be very unpleasant, even in close quarters. Very nice terrain, good people, and large amounts of both species of deer. Enjoy.
  8. turbo

    My 2018 Hunting wrap up

    good job. Coues are small, and that causes issues with judging the distance, lol. Congratulations on your first bow kill.
  9. what about campfire smoke? Not a raging, "hey, let's party" fire, but a warm the pot for coffee kind of small fire. Or should it just be stoves? Summit hut says MSR is all out of fuel canisters, that is why I am asking.
  10. Practice shooting fairly quickly. Shoot through "windows" in the brush, from behind mesquites, that sort of thing. In bowhunting, timing the shot is key. ( I can stalk/stillhunt, very often getting within compound bow range, but at primitive bow range, because of needing to use cover, the willingness to take the shot given when it is given is vital. I had a two second window, and I blew it this year, and that is that. Ty to not be that guy, lol.) 37B is tough. Do you have a grunt tube? I am told that the mulies will sit real tight, like quail do in the cacti. I have seen that out there, Remember to look from 30 yards outward; they are not always half a mile away. There are big ones out there.
  11. turbo

    Hunting Report ?

    Yes, that is a great animal to take at year's end. The rut appears on, but lacks the vigor I have seen before in one of my honey holes during the rainyday, I had a close up chance but hesitated to bend a little lower to shoot so my arrow would clear a branch. Should of done exactly that..."No glory in misses or shots not taken..." Saw lots of coues up close, like does and bucks at 15 yards, or closer, but never any shot. Had a forkie come in and he stared at me for a good half hour. A 13 paces stare down. He almost settled down, but then the wind changed a fraction, and he moved his nose for a second, and boom, he bolted. That was Saturday. Yesterday, the place was quiet.
  12. turbo

    Hunting Report ?

    a little bit of mate guarding, but the chasing is minimal
  13. turbo

    Quiet Handgun

    Grizzly in Montana. And, younger and dumber, I had no gun, and the bear looked like the size of a Volkswagen. Wish the magnums were quieter.
  14. turbo

    Quiet Handgun

    The decibel level of a .357is at par with a .44 magnum, at 164 db. A 9mm is at 160, the venerable .38 at 159, and the quiet ones are the .45 at 157 and the .44 Special at 156. .45 Long Colt is at 154.7. Every increase of10 db's represents an increase of intensity of tenfold. The .357, is ten times more intense then the .45 Long Colt. Intensity damages hearing, not the loudness. I carry outdoors, and think of black bear. I have had encounters with a grizzly and a lion in AZ. The .357 cartridge and the revolver platform are incredible, in my opinion, but need hearing protection. I have fired one without them, and I report the same discomfort you do. I went through this process last summer. Good thread. So, I am currently at the .45 acp for outdoors, and am saving for a 45 Long Colt, or a .44 and will carry special in it and load with magnums of long colt bear loads when I think necessary.