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  1. pyle762

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

  2. pyle762

    Card Hit

    Nailed it!
  3. pyle762

    Card Hit

  4. I thought it was spelled you're?
  5. pyle762

    Tick Tock (sanity version)

    What will likely be my only antelope tag in AZ (at least while I am young enough to get out and chase them.)
  6. pyle762

    Tick Tock

    I haven't seen this much bickering since someone mentioned A3
  7. Man fox are about the dumbest critter to respond to a call. Whoever came up with the saying "sly as a fox" never called one in. I bet I know what sound you were using............😉
  8. pyle762

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Speaking of portals...G&F said that you would be able to add kids to your account with the new system, but I haven't found where you can do that. Am I missing something or is that not available?
  9. pyle762

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    It is most definitely a handgun. Sorry to get off topic...Congrats!
  10. pyle762

    Box of Flies- Salt River

    I found a box of flies at at the Salt. Give me a description of the flies and general area so I can get them back to you.
  11. pyle762

    Objective Size

    I am going to be picking up some higher end glass for a rifle for coues hunting. When it comes to hunting do you find the 44 mm objectives are sufficient for low light shots or are the larger objectives worth the weight and price penalty?
  12. pyle762

    WTB Savage Lightweight Hunter

    I have the Long Range Hunter in 6.5x284 with a set of dies and about 150 cases of brass (half unfired) I would be willing to sell.
  13. Hiking Picacho Peak One of my favorite hikes
  14. pyle762

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    Anyone remember AZ Outdoors on ch 45 (if I remember right)? With Ned Smith and Reed Peterson. It would come on on Sundays after church and I would always tune in as a 10 year kid..