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  1. pyle762

    Another Canyon...

    Just like how word got out on 4B, everyone eventually finds out lol. I usually don't like to mention it because someone looking for Insta-tweets might stumble in there for some photos to get clicks and get in a jam for Search and Rescue by not having the proper gear. After all, Home Depot sell rope, right? Easy access, but the exit makes hauling elk legs out of canyons seem fun.....
  2. pyle762

    Another Canyon...

    Everyone knows about Antelope Canyon, but here is a place that rivals Antelope, that most people will never hear of. It drains into Oak Creek.
  3. pyle762

    Best Backpack for late elk hunt

    I have the Badlands Vario system but it is pricey. I like that I can switch out a 100 liter pack and a day pack on the frame and then carry meat between the frame and pack.
  4. pyle762

    My daughter got her first elk

    Hunt Video My kids tease me because I turn everything into a video. Why not her hunt too?
  5. pyle762

    Canyoneering in West Clear Creek

    Naw, it is a pretty long day and not much time to cast a line.
  6. pyle762


  7. I took my daughter through Meadow Canyon, then down to the Hanging Gardens and then swam the White Box. It is one of the prettiest places in West Clear Creek. Here is the video
  8. pyle762

    Late Elk Rut

    That's a bummer!
  9. pyle762

    Talkalai Lake

    So my son and I were headed to the Black River tomorrow to celebrate his graduation but it is now closed. Talkalai is still opened. I have never fished it but we are going to load up the kayaks and the crappie and bass rods and give it a try. Any reports or suggestions? Thanks
  10. pyle762

    Canyoneering with my Mini-me

    It's the Trango kid's harness. It is rated for kids down to 30 lbs but he has the straps all the way cinched down and it is a little loose.
  11. pyle762

    Canyoneering with my Mini-me

    I got an error saying you can't receive new messages?
  12. Here's a video of a canyon my family and I went through on New Year's Day. It was my 3 year old son's first time through a canyon. Lots of fun! https://youtu.be/f6IeJz56f2E
  13. Dang those are sweet bucks. You guys are coues killing machines.
  14. pyle762

    Another Canyoneering Trip

    Red Racer I think. It was way bigger than any water snake I had ever seen and was pretty quick.
  15. pyle762

    Another Canyoneering Trip

    No rattlers...lots of other wildlife though..A bald eagle, a ewe bighorn, among other things.