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  1. pyle762

    Talkalai Lake

    So my son and I were headed to the Black River tomorrow to celebrate his graduation but it is now closed. Talkalai is still opened. I have never fished it but we are going to load up the kayaks and the crappie and bass rods and give it a try. Any reports or suggestions? Thanks
  2. pyle762

    Canyoneering with my Mini-me

    It's the Trango kid's harness. It is rated for kids down to 30 lbs but he has the straps all the way cinched down and it is a little loose.
  3. pyle762

    Canyoneering with my Mini-me

    I got an error saying you can't receive new messages?
  4. Here's a video of a canyon my family and I went through on New Year's Day. It was my 3 year old son's first time through a canyon. Lots of fun! https://youtu.be/f6IeJz56f2E
  5. Dang those are sweet bucks. You guys are coues killing machines.
  6. pyle762

    Another Canyoneering Trip

    Red Racer I think. It was way bigger than any water snake I had ever seen and was pretty quick.
  7. pyle762

    Another Canyoneering Trip

    No rattlers...lots of other wildlife though..A bald eagle, a ewe bighorn, among other things.
  8. Saguaro Lake...Labor Day? Pretty crowded, you say? Actually, we had complete solitude. We hiked through a canyon in the upper end and ended it with a 140' drop into the lake. Enjoy!
  9. pyle762

    A Unique Pronghorn

    He would look great on the wall next to this guy
  10. I posted my buck a few pages ago, but here he is on the wall.
  11. pyle762

    Free Printable 1:24,000 Maps

    Here is a link for Nat Geo maps that has free printable maps. Looks pretty sweet. http://www.natgeomaps.com/trail-maps/pdf-quads#internalmap
  12. pyle762

    San Carlos Lake

    Yep definitely skip the minnows right now (Sorry, bait shops). We brought home a cooler full, most of them came off of jigs.
  13. pyle762

    Talkalai Lake

    Thanks. I appreciate the info! We will be there Friday.
  14. pyle762

    Talkalai Lake

    Anyone heard any reports? I was wanting to take my son and go on Friday for bass and crappie. We just have a little 12 foot boat and trolling motor, so I don't really want to tackle San Carlos in that and Talkalai is more are size. Thanks
  15. pyle762

    Canyoneering in the Red Rocks

    Thanks! We have been doing it for a couple years now.