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  1. dougpaddler


    sorry price is in tag line...I can send pics after work today..can you send me phone # 4803755721.....doug
  2. dougpaddler


  3. dougpaddler

    Over the counter left overs

    yes/ I had a buddy do it two years ago
  4. dougpaddler

    Muzzle loader

    yes, I have a knight wolverine I do not use anymore, its bare bones and a little rough but works great
  5. dougpaddler

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD Binoculars

    How long are cable locks?
  6. dougpaddler

    10 gauge reloaders

    phil I sent you a pm
  7. dougpaddler

    10 gauge reloaders

    Hoofnit , I would like to buy a box or two of #2s or bbs...whatever you would be willing to part with. Your right about not so easy to come by...
  8. does anybody reload 10 gauge shells? I would like to get some 10 gauge lead # 2s or BB shot. Can't find them for sale anymore. federal used to sell them but have discontinued them. they are my go to for turkey hunting.
  9. dougpaddler

    5a leftover hopi hunt

    my wife and I both drew that tag...even with separate apps, imagine that...anyway heading up there tomorrow for the 1st time. sounds like it could be a good hunt
  10. dougpaddler

    3B North

    saw your post and I did draw the muzzloader any elk tag in oct for 3b north...I know nothing about the unit but I am going up there in june to scout and fish...would be happy to give you any info I find out