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  1. Idcurs

    Guns and gear clean out

    If you still have the 85 I want it?
  2. These will make big game or decoy dogs,as I use them on lion,bear and decoy yotes with them.I also have one for a trap line dog. 200.00 a pup call 928-769-1527
  3. Idcurs

    Beetle Skull cleaning?

    Any one know where you can get a skull cleaned with beetles?
  4. The Az GFD is planning to cave to the Anti's and ban all yote contest.It will have a video session on this and you can call in to voice your thoughts---as if it mattered!!!!!
  5. Idcurs

    Ready to kill bow set up FS:

    How much???
  6. Idcurs

    Wall Tent

    5 foot walls?
  7. Idcurs

    SOLD - AXT Bow Sight, Quiver, and Stabilizer

    If the sale falls thru I will take it!!!
  8. Idcurs

    Female Lions

    Ok 12e&w have more deer in this unit than half the state.Tag numbers were up way to many in the late 90's early 2000's well over 1500.Buck numbers went down a lot as did does and fawns.No more or less were taken in that time frame.Now tag numbers have come down a lot,less than a 1000 in both units and buck numbers have come back up .Even with G&F killing 800-1000 does every year.you must have bucks to cover all the does to get a high fawn rate,now yotes,bobcats and lions take fawns,yotes really hammer them in the open forest like the Bab has.I have hunted on the Bab and Strip for over 30 years,tag number down buck numbers up--tags up Buck numbers down.Just about the same number of lions taken every year.You can debate all the bullshit I have been there a lot and hunted deer and lions both and have seen what tag numbers do to the deer numbers.In the middle 80 on winter range it was no big deal to see 10 or more 200 inch bucks on the east side game trail or the loop on House Rock,down the Honeymoon Trail or the winter road.I hunt lion in all those places it is starting to come back to those times,still not seeing as many but more every year.When 13b was opened up after a 5 years of no hunting bucks numbers came up,Tag numbers were set at 25 tags it slowly climbed to where it is now(to many if you ask me) but there some real pigs in this unit,every year a 260-270-280 inch bucks get killed it dang sure was not killing lions that brought them back!!!!!!!!!
  9. Idcurs

    Female Lions

    Must be a democrap drink the koolaid a lot????Quit listening to the bullshit that G&F tell you.I lion hunt and deer hunt and tag numbers have way more impact than drought or lions.The highest lion numbers in the state are in !2A also the highest deer numbers,but wait the lions kill all of the deer---how can that be!!!!!!Lots of lions in 13a& 13b kill the biggest bucks in the state but the tag numbers are low and most hunters kill a 4or more year old there,most are 6 or more?
  10. Idcurs

    Female Lions

    Deer #s are down for one reason,to many dang tags!!!!!!Lions have been here long before you were born and so has the deer.Lower tag numbers and quit killing 2 and 3 year olds and your numbers will come up!!!!!I remember hunting 16a in the 70s tons of big bucks and and lots of lions---then G&F put two seasons in and 1100 tags in both after three years of this deer numbers went way down.G7F says lion and drought it had nothing to do with killing all the bucks in the unit---yea right!!!!
  11. Idcurs

    Son's first Antelope

    Way to go Gage nice goat.Its so much fun to fling arrows at anything.Great job Brandon!!!!
  12. Idcurs

    Way to many!

    Brandon post a pic of Gage's lope,Hows Grandpa Bernie doing?
  13. Idcurs

    Found my 18a shoter!!!

    This was 2008 and Chad was " hunting yotes by chopper then" yea right!!!Shimberg,Goswick and Blake and a couple others I don't know were there that day.
  14. Idcurs

    Found my 18a shoter!!!

    My buck was hard to judge as his horns came out over his nose,Chad Smith had all of his guys trying to herd him over the 18b fence for their shooter,but we went to the fence and stalked him in to a draw where I shot him.