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  1. johnson82

    Any Ramshot Magnum powders out there?

    What powder do you have?
  2. johnson82

    212gr eldx bullets

    I have 192 30cal 212gr eldx bullets for sale 2 boxes 1 box opened and missing 8. Asking $70 also have 2lb or ramshot magnum would sell for $40 pick up only on the powder
  3. johnson82

    Giant Typical Coues

    Thanks for the comments and thanks Houston for posting it. I am completely thrilled with my buck. We will have to campare those sheds ha ha 😎
  4. johnson82

    August Opening Day Coues

    Great buck and Clay will do a fantastic job
  5. johnson82

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    It's not just a $120 camera it's time out there hours and hours of time put in which is way way more then just $120. It's not about the fact that it happened to A3 it's the fact that it was someone else's camera,it could have been a guy that doesn't get on social media,doesn't care to post every animal he has pictures of doesn't need to be known by people for his kills,but a guy that loves hunting and puts in hours and hours in the field and for that it is inexcusable that he steals from these people and admits he would still be doing it
  6. johnson82

    mass and trash

    Unreal buck congrats I can only imagine the time put in