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  1. BAIT1UP

    Swarovski 8x32EL

    I have a newer pair of these and they are truly the best combo in the line up( other than open desert glassing). Small, lightweight, compact, steady to hold and stupid bright. I really cant believe they are still up for sale!!! I love mine so happy I looked through them.
  2. BAIT1UP

    Swarovski 10x42 EL 2018 model SOLD

    PM sent
  3. BAIT1UP

    Going to just keep it for now

    Please delete
  4. BAIT1UP


    Trade for some SLC 15's? Bought new in 2018.
  5. I'm just going to keep it for now.
  6. BAIT1UP

    Advice for tripod

    Manfrotto 190( I think sportsmans sells them for $140.00) but you have to buy a head for it. If you are using the tripod for just binos get the 700rc2. If you plan on using a spotter, look at the 128rc. Its heavier but stronger. Definately look through craigslist. I found a manfrotto carbon for $100.00. Great tripod
  7. BAIT1UP

    Going to just keep it for now

    Going to just keep it for now
  8. BAIT1UP


    Going to re-do ad