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  1. PseAZ

    WTB Binos

    X 2 on the meoptas or the GPO 12s. Both are great glass. I have non HD swaro 15s and to my Eyes the Meoptas are better...
  2. PseAZ

    Punched 2021 tag

    Yea for sure. I'm going to hold out in January. Worse case I'm praying I can draw a rifle tag with my dad and be able to hunt with him. If not maybe I can get one of the big boys to come say hey. 2022 Should be a good year .
  3. PseAZ

    A coues with my kid, and a puppy

    Congrats buddy super cool to have the kids there with you. And thanks for willing me some luck haha Think I Shot mine as your text was coming through 😁
  4. PseAZ

    The wife got it done

    Thanks guys, Yea she always said she would try it once. Not going to lie didn't know how she would enjoy it. Super glad she was able to shoot a nice buck. That's was my goal, if she shoots one hopefully it's a nice one just incase she doesn't enjoy it atleast she got a nice one. Stoked she wants to go again
  5. PseAZ

    The wife got it done

    She said thank you, She seems to wanto go again so thays a big win for me. She can't wait to get him home from the Taxidermist. It's always a blessing to be able to do something with the family even better when your able to havest a nice buck.
  6. PseAZ

    Punched 2021 tag

    Thanks guys, I'm stoked to be able to harvest him. And the wife's happy I'm back home win win... Merry Christmas hope you guys have a happy holidays
  7. PseAZ

    Punched 2021 tag

    Thanks man, Yea we didn't need the meat so I wanted to hold out for a mature buck. Pretty sweet I was able to get it done. Can't wait till January.
  8. PseAZ

    The wife got it done

    She said thanks 👍
  9. PseAZ

    The wife got it done

    Better late than never right? The wife got it done on the 1st mulie hunt this year. She was a trooper and harvested her 1st animal ever. She claimed she was only other there for me, however has been asking me since she'l tagged out if were gunna do it again next year. Couldn't be more happier for her, big shout out to my brother inlaw Chad for the help.
  10. PseAZ

    Punched 2021 tag

    Thanks man. Yea pretty cool how he kinda webbed out. He would of been pretty if he matched. He's solid on the one side. But I've never seen a buck like that so it was a no Brainer for me
  11. With limited days to hunt this year I decided to try my luck this past weekend on the mountain. The 1st day went alright but all I was seeing is doe's so I decided to switch it up a bit and pack down into another spot. I ended up seeing 4 bucks and Shot this super cool buck with only a day left to hunt. We thunk he busted off his main beam when he was in velvet. He has some pretty cool character and I could be happier.
  12. PseAZ

    New Video

    Thanks man. Glad you liked it.
  13. PseAZ

    New Podcast

    Feel free to delete if not allowed. But I decided to start a podcast finally about Western Hunting. Feel free to give it a listen and a follow if you'd like. https://open.spotify.com/episode/63qocPB2ECKhFEknZ4Q1qC?si=ZKWviu18Qqa8jJ0PCy7vNw&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1