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  1. PseAZ

    Evoke 35

  2. PseAZ

    Evoke 35

    I have a slightly used Evoke 35 SE For sale. Black, 65Lb limbs. I've maybe shot 30-40 arrows through it and was setting it up for a backup 3D bow. Im trying to save up for a new spotter so need to sell a few things. Im asking $700 shipped or $775 with a new ProBlade. Ill try and post some pictures this evening when we get home.
  3. PseAZ

    New setup for filming

    I may have to try this as well, i get the being able to film and glass thing tho especially if your out by yourself. Im going to be doing a backpack hunt for my rifle hunt would be cool to film it myself. Hopefully i can find something that works. I just got a new s10+ and the phoneskope footage is unreal compared to my old droid. Id prefer tu use it when possible but being able to see and film during the hunt would be nice.
  4. PseAZ

    2019 growth

    I pulled cards on the 29th, I think I'm bout on pare with growth like the picture posted above.
  5. PseAZ

    New setup for filming

    Cool idea, also interested in the mount?
  6. PseAZ

    What do you think this bull will score?

    Id guess 320-330, pretty bull 3rds are alittle weak but could be a shooter depending the unit.
  7. PseAZ

    2019 growth

    Gunna go check cams next weekend last time before the hunt see what we got coming in
  8. Ill help ya test em out once you get it all set up
  9. PseAZ

    Unit 31 Info

    Feel Free to PM me
  10. PseAZ

    SKB hard bow case metal latches - $99 obo

    Where are you located? Maybe interested.
  11. Awesome year to draw a tag. Congrats and good luck
  12. PseAZ


    There's been a lot of changes this year, hopefully the lady will learn from her mistake next year. We will be going up Friday, im already committed and paid. They defiantly jacked the prices up I have a lot of friends and family who are just camping and shooting at camp or just not going all together. The other thing that sucks is the prize $$$ was cut in 1/2 and our fee's went up. over $100 for me to shoot without a practice course or lift pass. pretty nuts. Be interesting to see how the vender situation plays out as well. darn shame honestly. A friend of mine is having a team shoot each day at different times @ there camp tho so that's something else some can do as well as a long shot, and 15 target practice range.
  13. PseAZ

    Riggs flat lake

    Next time you smoke some better bring some for the shu crew
  14. PseAZ

    Riggs flat lake

    No problem .
  15. PseAZ

    Riggs flat lake

    Assuming your talking about Riggs lake? its been great lately, you got my number feel free to text me if you got any questions ill try and help ya out brotha.