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  1. PseAZ

    ISO PSE Supra

  2. PseAZ

    ISO PSE Supra

    Have a older supra with the ME cams. Has newer gas strings on it. PM me if intrested
  3. PseAZ

    Spotting scope?

    I'm bias myself I never leave the house without my spotter when I'm out glassing. Especially for coues. I let the glass do the walking for me. Plus I like to digascope. I have a Viper HD right now. I m going to be upgrading in the near future. If your going to spend the $$ on good glass 15s are the way to go but after that a good spotter is a close 2nd in my book.
  4. PseAZ

    Unit 31 Info

    Sweet buck man, sorry I couldn't make it out with ya due to work but glad you came out heavy on a pretty buck.
  5. PseAZ

    My 13A Muley

    Awesome buck congrats
  6. PseAZ

    Tagged out

    Buck was just over 17" inside spread. crazy wide. The hole was on the entrance he was quartered away the exit was abut perfect. It was a tough hunt glad we came out heavy on 2 beautiful bucks. Congrats again brother. Cant wait for January
  7. PseAZ

    My sons 1st coues

    Heck yea, congrats on your sons 1st Coues. Looks like hes pretty happy about it too
  8. PseAZ

    Wifes 1st coues

    Stud buck, congrats to you both.
  9. PseAZ

    Got her done.

    Thanks man, glad you liked it. Good luck this weekend we will be out as well. My wife's 1st hunt starts friday. Hopefully we can get her a shot
  10. PseAZ

    Wife’s buck

    Great buck, Congrats to you both.
  11. PseAZ

    Big Buck Down

    Sweet buck, congrats to you both.
  12. PseAZ

    My Biggest Coues Yet.

    Sweet buck man, ton's of character. Congrats.
  13. PseAZ

    Got her done.

    Thanks man I appreciate it. It was a tough hunt but we came home with a few nice bucks. Cant wait to do it again.
  14. PseAZ

    Got her done.

    Thanks man, and this is true. I had a good time
  15. PseAZ

    Got her done.

    Thanks Coach.