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  1. If I can get the time off we might make it up.
  2. PseAZ

    On X?

    OnX is awesome, I sit at work on the weekends and look over country and drop pins that I can pull up on my phone and check out. Best app on my phone for sure.
  3. PseAZ

    Polaris General Crew VS Ranger Crew

    The generals are really nice, my brother inlaw has one. If you get one I would suggest buying new tender springs tho it helps pout the ride quality tremendously and there pretty cheap around $300 I believe for all 4 . I hunt out of a rzr xp4 1000 its been great so far but I usally hunt solo or with one other.
  4. Were running Manfrotto Fluid heads, my brother inlaw has the 502a and im running the XPro. Both are great heads. Im running a carbon Manfrotto tripod and I think he's running a SLIK carbon. Both set up are pretty solid have no complaints with either. I've ran a btx on mine no issues. Switching to a fluid head made a world of difference in glassing and filming for me.
  5. PseAZ

    Tripods, heads, triclawps, monopods

    You have any of these left and are willing to ship? if so ill take one just shoot me a PM thanks. Vanguard Ph 31 The ones that come with the vanguard 264AO tripod. I have 3, $20 each.
  6. PseAZ

    Any shed action yet?

    Went out this weekend and check cameras, found a small 3 point and a spike shed.
  7. PseAZ

    Spotter Upgrade?

    That's more than likely what I would get myself.
  8. PseAZ

    Spotter Upgrade?

    Ill have to look into the Meopta S2, haven't heard of them before? It will still be a bit before I can do anything but its defiantly on the to do list. id say my budget would be around $1500 through work I get some good deals one some optics that's why I been looking at the ones mentioned above. I really wish I could afford the swaro's but just not gunna happen ' think the wife will kill me" haha
  9. PseAZ

    Spotter Upgrade?

    Thinking about trying to upgrade my spotter sometime this year, Im currently running a viper Hd. We don't have many options around me so trying to get a few honest opinions. Looking at the Leopold Gold ring, Razor HD, or a older STS? I can get all 3 for around the same price so just wondering what you all think based on experience. Not sure what route I wanto go yet. I have some SLC's just want a solid spotter but cant afford 3-4K
  10. PseAZ

    2-way radios

    We have been running midlands for years and they work great for a inexpensive set of radios.
  11. I got 108 rough guess, sweet buck id be stoked with it. Congrats.
  12. PseAZ

    2017 PSE Supra EXT

    Love the bow wish I had the extra funds, GLWS
  13. PseAZ

    Trail Cam Review

    If your gunna check out Covert I highly recommend the mp6 and or mp8 that's all we ruin and have had the cameras over 3 years now without any issues.