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  1. Bryson Bendall

    2018 Youth Coues Success and Video

    Just wanted to share my 16 year old sister's success with ya'll. Put together this video to remember the hunt. There is a long boring dialogue at the beginning so you might want to skip to about 5:30. Forgive my amateur video skills. Headed out tomorrow with a tag in my pocket so we will see what happens! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_kaq-ZtYys - Bryson
  2. Bryson Bendall

    Respect the Coues!

    With Edge's permission just wanted to thicken the plot a little for his buck. On opening morning me and my hunting crew set up right in the bowl that is pictured. We didn't see much and started to move to spot number 2 when we spooked this buck and a couple of his cronies. Long story short, they crested over the farthest ridge shown in the picture and in the process of getting closer, we spooked them again (gonna need to work on that) and I took two quick running shots on this exact buck and a final shot at approximately 550 yards that failed to meet their marks (and that too). He trotted off and i was sure he would be traumatized and never come back but i was obviously wrong! Edge and his crew who we unfortunately didn't have the chance of running into while we were out there, were obviously hunting the same spot days later. Goes to show those deer will stay in their stomping grounds even after getting shot at. Congrats Edge on sealing the deal! I can relate with you on those canyons and especially that canyon he ran into, it is NASTY. My buddy and I were just saying that we are sick of that spot because of the nasty terain. But it holds some fine deer.
  3. Bryson Bendall

    Big bucks... What does it take?

    Yeah a little bit... but I appreciate where the conversation is headed! You guys are my kind of people... In all honesty, I appreciate your responses (especially Sundevil's creativity). I think it is interesting that it came down to money and time in the field... oh and of course luck. Hearing those estimates of what a big buck costs is pretty eye opening. Interestingly enough, I have recently been thinking about what medical specialty I hope to go into and I think one of my top 3 priorities is which one will allow me to spend the most time in the field. If there are any physicians on here that can shed some light on that, I would appreciate it. Right now, I live in the freaking middle of downtown Phoenix while I go to medical school so... I can't exactly step out of my back door and go hunting (unless I am doing the kind of hunting like some of guys are talking about and I don't think my wife would be real happy about that). "One day" I hope to live in rural AZ so that I can raise my kids essentially in the outdoors... Until then, I will have to enjoy a few days out in the field a year and keep reading all of your stories. Thanks again!
  4. Bryson Bendall

    Big bucks... What does it take?

    Let me preface this by saying that I would be the first to agree that the score of a deer, and to be honest, the fact that you harvest a deer is not the only reason I hunt... There is so much more that I love about hunting then just antler... But, I would be deceiving you if I didn't say that antlers aren't part of the fun.. That being said...I knew it would be a busy fall/winter for me so I opted to buy a bonus point rather than put in for deer this year. I have been out 3 days on three different hunts... I know... pitiful, but I am grateful for those few days. So... in a way I have been living vicariously through each of your posts. It has been a great year so far with some beautiful deer taken and I can't help but notice that some of you dedicated hunters take trophy deer every year. I have been hunting coues deer for about 14 years and I have seen a few nice bucks while out and about... lets say 7-10 bucks that would score around 100 inches. However, I have never laid eyes on anything like some of the bucks you regularly harvest. So... what does it take? How many hours do you spend in the field a year? How far do you hike from the roads? 1 mile...2, 3? Do you hike in in the morning and hike out in the evening or do you typically pack in and stay a few days? Do you go to the same spot every year and harvest nice deer (maybe the same square mile or two for example) or do you hunt different units or different areas in the same unit? Do you scout to find a specific buck, and then hunt them specifically? Do you use trail cameras? When you are out there hunting, are the bigger bucks typically bedded down when you find them? Are thy in the thickest cover? When you are at work and supposed to be working but instead you are cruising around on google earth to find monster buck country, what do you look for? away from roads? Cover? A certain side of the hill? funnels? I am sure there are a lot more questions I could ask but lets start with that. If you don't feel like exposing the answers to these questions to the world I would really appreciate a PM. Thanks Guys and Girls! B
  5. Bryson Bendall

    Future doctor

    Haha DUG I did!!! Thank you all for the advice. I have definitely recognized the value of listening to patients while shadowing and working in the Safford ER. The best docs I work with did more listening than talking.
  6. Bryson Bendall

    Future doctor

    I just wanted to share some good news with my friends on the forum. Today I was accepted at the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix Campus and will be starting med school July 8th. Its kinda funny that one of my first thoughts was that I am still going to get to hunt coues through school! Anyway, its definitely a life changing event for me and wanted to share it. Everyone has horror stories of the doctor's office so what advice do you all have for me? Bear down!
  7. Bryson Bendall

    Eagle Float Tube

    Where do you live mraaa?
  8. Bryson Bendall

    4 hours and one bite

    I am not sure if it was on a bed or not because we didnt see fish where they had been spawning earlier in the week. I was working this reed bed for about 30 minutes with a jig and I went to bounce it and felt her inhale it. She was probably 8 ft off the shore line.
  9. Bryson Bendall

    4 hours and one bite

    But totally worth it!
  10. Bryson Bendall

    Rock River Dogs

    Definitely two nice dogs! And sweet gun!
  11. Bryson Bendall

    Another AZ yote adventure

    They are winchester varmint high velocity factory ammo 45 grain.
  12. Just wanted to share this one with you. My father in law and I went out this morning to a ranch he has access to and did some calling. First stand, I called and we had one come in hard from behind us. He ran past us on my left and I barked but couldn't stop him so I sent one flying... miss... My father in law followed me up and put one in his front leg. He rolled and gnawed on himself for a few more minutes so we kept calling. With nothing else coming in I took a finishing shot and missed at like 75 yards!!! Humbling... At this point he got up and started running right toward a group of cows so we opted to not take another shot and by the time he was clear of them he was out of range. It was nice to call one in on the first set all though we didn't recover him, which kills me even if it is a coyote. The next four or five stands were dry and we found ourselves at the top of a large drainage that I shot my javelina in a few weeks ago. We set up on the north side of the drainage, facing south, no wind, about 150 yards from the bottom. My father in law called and about 10 minutes into the set we were starting to get a little bored! All of a sudden I hear Jon answer his phone... for some reason I cracked up and about gave up on the set. He hung up after a couple minutes and blew another series of distress. Soon I caught movement in the bottom as a coyote trotted out of the wash beneath us and posed. "Coyote!"... I moved my shooting sticks slightly, squared my crosshairs on his chest, and squeezed the accu-trigger on the 22-250. Boom... Flop... It looks like my gun was shooting a little high as I had aimed for his chest and hit him in the neck right under the jaw. He had a really nice coat and was pretty good size. We made a couple more sets and headed out, spooking two more coyotes as we drove out and seeing a heard of pigs... it was a fun morning!
  13. Bryson Bendall

    my most recent catch

    That footage is cool! Nice work... I have never done any trapping and know nothing about it so, maybe this is kinda like asking your favorite spot or something but what do you use for bait?
  14. Bryson Bendall

    My First Stink Pig!

    Thanks guys for the kind words and advice. After letting her hang for a couple of nights, I just butchered her and she is soaking in ice water and salt. I will keep her soaking and change the brine a couple times as you guys said and we will see how it goes! I will keep you updated.
  15. Bryson Bendall

    My first archery Javelina

    Awesome job Casey!