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  1. Had an opportunity to hunt in Sonora in January for my first time and it was an epic adventure. Hoping to roll out a few episodes on this one so here is Episode 1. Enjoy!
  2. Hope everyone is hanging in there!!! Can’t wait till it’s time to chase some grey ghosts again! To past the time, I wanted to share a video of my friend Ladd shooting a nice buck this last fall. It was a blast hanging out with him and his boys and capturing some unforgettable memories! Enjoy!
  3. Bryson Bendall

    October Youth Hunt Success and VIDEO

    https://youtu.be/AvUNLRBT5vo Just wanted to share the success of an impressive youth hunter with everyone. Toby made an amazing shot on this buck to make it a VERY efficient and hunt!!! Congrats Toby!!!
  4. This year my brother shot his buck at 600 yards and I was lucky enough to catch it on film. Shooting a 140grain factory Federal Premium accubond out of an old (90's) Browning A-Bolt in 7mm08. Plenty of you are shootin farther but we were pretty stoked to get it done at this distance. Here is a cliff hanger clip of it but click on the YouTube link to check out the full day of hunting, the 3rd episode in my 2020 YouTube Coues Hunt series. Enjoy!!! short clip instagram.mov
  5. Bryson Bendall

    UPDATE - 2020 Coues Video Teaser - EPISODE 2 LIVE

    EPISODE 2 IS LIVE!!! On this day my brother and sister both fill their first tags EVER. The excitement of this day will always give me goose bumps!
  6. Bryson Bendall

    UPDATE - 2020 Coues Video Teaser - EPISODE 2 LIVE

    https://youtu.be/zJIzHbuEi-U EPISODE ONE IS UP!!! we started out with the youth hunt. My brother and sister both had their first tags ever and were both pretty stoked! On day one, they both had shots at deer! Check out the video for the rest of the story!
  7. Just leaving this here 😉 https://youtu.be/2VSTmeLonkc We had a blast this last season and I am looking forward to sharing it with you guys!!! These Coues deer are so much fun to chase!!! I’m planning on uploading the videos in the next couple of weeks so I will update this post as I finish them.
  8. Bryson Bendall

    Unit 27 outfitter

    Quernos. Not as well known. Just an old cowboy that has spent his whole life in that country and knows it like no one else.
  9. Bryson Bendall

    2020 Archery Elk Videos

    I think what you are seeing there is an aspen branch from the tree he just wrecked!!! You can see the tree shaking in the shot with the two circles marking the lead cow and the shaking tree. It was dangling from his right antler down in front of his chest. Is that what you are seeing?
  10. Bryson Bendall

    2020 Archery Elk Videos

    This is long overdue, but I wanted to share some adventures we had this last year in the Elk woods. My father in law and my buddy both had tags in different units so I put together a 2 part series of the days I was able to get out with them. We had a blast and it is fun to archive these memories by making these videos. It was a TOUGH HUNT!!! Poor rut activity, hot, dry! But, against the odds, my Father-in-law ended up getting it done with his Benjamin Air Bow at about 45 yards on the second week of the hunt. He didn't realize this bull was broken up but was very pleased nonetheless! Those airbows are unbelievable for those with a cross bow tag!!!
  11. Bryson Bendall

    Rut Activity

    Updates from the Show low area: we have heard a handful of bugles the last couple days early in the morning but they seem to shut up around 8am. Seeing bulls with cows, bulls with bulls, and cows alone. 0-10 on the rut scale, if 0 is bulls mounting other bulls and 10 is non-stop bugle fest from dawn to dusk, I think we are about a 2.5... Opening morning we had a couple of bulls including the one below in a canyon that must have had a hot cow in it. They were going nuts! But it lasted for about an hour or two and then shut off. We had them at about 100 yards before bumping them. IMG_5478.MOV
  12. Bryson Bendall

    Found a good one and got some footage

    Thank you for the feedback guys!!! I’m out on an elk hunt this weekend and hoping to put a video together here in the next week of some action. No bulls on the ground yet but we have a couple more days so we will see what happens. @bbendallaz youtube: Bryson Bendall AZ Outdoors
  13. We recently moved to the Gila Valley and I started a new job so things have been a little crazy lately but I made it out the other day for a scouting trip. It was meant to be a 2 day trip but a nice monsoon decided to roll in and I cut it short. I managed to find a nice one though! I’m thinking he will put on a few more inches before going hard horned. He may be a buck I saw last year, but hard to say. What are your guesses on what he will end up at score wise? Not that it matters all that much but I suck at scoring them and would love to hear what y’all think. And I hope you can laugh at the title a little... not sure he really is a “giant” but he is a dandy. @bbendallaz
  14. Bryson Bendall

    2020 archery coues harvest x2 video

    Awesome video! I love the up-close action.