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  1. Bryson Bendall

    Rut Activity

    Updates from the Show low area: we have heard a handful of bugles the last couple days early in the morning but they seem to shut up around 8am. Seeing bulls with cows, bulls with bulls, and cows alone. 0-10 on the rut scale, if 0 is bulls mounting other bulls and 10 is non-stop bugle fest from dawn to dusk, I think we are about a 2.5... Opening morning we had a couple of bulls including the one below in a canyon that must have had a hot cow in it. They were going nuts! But it lasted for about an hour or two and then shut off. We had them at about 100 yards before bumping them. IMG_5478.MOV
  2. Bryson Bendall

    Found a good one and got some footage

    Thank you for the feedback guys!!! I’m out on an elk hunt this weekend and hoping to put a video together here in the next week of some action. No bulls on the ground yet but we have a couple more days so we will see what happens. @bbendallaz youtube: Bryson Bendall AZ Outdoors
  3. We recently moved to the Gila Valley and I started a new job so things have been a little crazy lately but I made it out the other day for a scouting trip. It was meant to be a 2 day trip but a nice monsoon decided to roll in and I cut it short. I managed to find a nice one though! I’m thinking he will put on a few more inches before going hard horned. He may be a buck I saw last year, but hard to say. What are your guesses on what he will end up at score wise? Not that it matters all that much but I suck at scoring them and would love to hear what y’all think. And I hope you can laugh at the title a little... not sure he really is a “giant” but he is a dandy. @bbendallaz
  4. Bryson Bendall

    2020 archery coues harvest x2 video

    Awesome video! I love the up-close action.
  5. Hello everyone! Posting this for my Father in law. He decided to get an air bow instead for his upcoming elk hunt. Located in the Gila Valley AZ but would be willing to meet in Tucson or Phoenix area. 400$ Includes: Crossbow: shot 2 sessions at target in back yard. Never taken in the field. 6 bolts 1 decelerator Case Quiver Rail lube and bow wax x 3 Pm me if interested.
  6. Bryson Bendall

    FREE 7mm08 brass

    They are already spoken for!!!
  7. Bryson Bendall

    FREE 7mm08 brass

    I have about 240 once fired factory 7mm08 brass I was just going to toss unless someone wants it for free. Several different brands including Winchester, HSM, federal premium, Remington. Message me and we can set a time for you to come pick them up if you want them! located in nw Tucson. bryson
  8. Bryson Bendall

    Wife 2020 javelina

    So sweet! Time in the field as a fam is so priceless!
  9. Bryson Bendall

    2020 pig

    Looks like a big one!! Nice!
  10. Bryson Bendall

    AZ has treated me well

    Javi tacos for days!!! Nice work!
  11. I was super lucky and blessed to take a nice Javelina last week! Things went from nada to full throttle on Monday when I finally hiked into a nice sized group and the ol’ Browning A-Bolt in 7mm-08 did a number on her at about 70 yards. I was able to capture a lot of the story, scouting, and action on camera and hope you guys And gals enjoy it!!! There is also A LOT of coues action. I did all the butchering and processing myself and just tried a round of Javi tacos last week and was PLEASANTLY Suprised! Going to try some more recipes that you guys posted on here and I will keep you posted.
  12. This last month I have tried to introduce my kids to Coyote calling. Here is a link to my previous post... It has been everything I hoped it would!!! The kids are seeing the action and won’t stop asking to go again. Well, we got after it again. Day 3, I took out Josie and her friend. We called a couple in and got a shot but no Coyotes were harmed in the making of this video. Day 4: I got my oldest boy out again and his cousin and my brother in law. We got into them again and brought home a pair! These kids are HOOKED!!! Bryson
  13. Bryson Bendall

    4 Coyotes

    That is an awesome day right there- Nice work guys!