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    Texas music, bow hunting, waterfowl hunting, fishing, and lifting weights.

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  1. Slack40

    Any shed action yet?

    Saw a bull last night driving on 17 that was still packing.
  2. Slack40

    6a help

    I've been on them sporadically, but can't seem to connect. I've been concentrating on the east side of 17 where I did my scouting. But having a lot of new hunters showing up, and seeing less javelina. Should I try over on the Sedona side or VOC area? I know its late in the game to be switching up areas like that, but really want to be able to make it happen.
  3. Slack40

    First Elk!

    Tagged out on my first elk during the late rifle bull hunt. Moved to AZ from Texas back in 2016, hunting western big game has been the most challenging, humbling, and rewarding experience I've had as an outdoorsman.
  4. Slack40

    Spring draw is on the portal

    Same here.
  5. Slack40

    Spring draw is on the portal

    6a archery pig.
  6. Slack40

    Hitting cards today!

    Pig or turkey here.
  7. Slack40

    Vortex rangerfinder 1800

  8. Slack40

    Results up!

    Drew my first tag.. 6A late rifle bull!
  9. Slack40

    Day One Results

    Late rifle bull tag for me! Either 5B or 6A.
  10. Slack40

    Regs are out

    6a-6.3%5b-8.4% Thank you!
  11. Slack40

    Regs are out

    6A bull elk late rifle resident 1 bonus point 5B bull elk late rifle resident 1 bonus point
  12. Slack40

    Quail Hunt

    Are there any quail within an hour or so of Flagstaff?
  13. Slack40

    Sandhill crane decoys

    I use old snow goose rags for my spreads back in Texas. We get them quite a bit on our property with 60 acres of winter wheat. Spray painted the rags grey and used longer stakes to put them in the ground. Seems to work alright.
  14. Slack40

    7E archery cow tag

    PM Sent.
  15. Slack40

    Offering Help On The Pack Out

    If anyone is around 11M, or close to Flag that needs some help packing out, extra set of eyes, whatever the case may be. I'd love to tag along.