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  1. Elk_oholic

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    That's awesome! Thanks for watching!!
  2. Elk_oholic

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    Video Link https://youtu.be/Io7-PRYwSVA
  3. Elk_oholic

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    Thanks for asking. We got into elk almost every day of our 12 day hunt. Unfortunately, she only has a 45 yard bow range, and we had bulls at 60 - 75 yards on a few different occasions. Had some cows in closer between 30 - 50 yards. Lots of bugling, but mainly at dark, just before dark, and just after sunrise. They shut down during the day. She had bugling elk coming in a few mornings and a couple of evenings. So, a lot of encounters, and excitement, but she never got to shoot. It was an awesome hunt nonetheless. We have a YouTube Channel called Catch n' Dinner. We'll be editing the footage from the hunt and posting soon if you want to check it out. My CO archery bull hunt is up already. Harvested a nice 5 x 5 just before we left for Arizona. Here's a link to the video.
  4. Elk_oholic

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    Thanks for the info. I had no idea about the fire. We will have to find new hunting grounds since we were planning on hunting the area that has burned. That was the only area that we had hunted and scouted in the past.
  5. Elk_oholic

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    Wow! I had no idea. The portion that has burned is the only area that we had hunted and scouted. Bummer.
  6. Elk_oholic

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    My wife was lucky enough to draw a unit 8 early archery bull tag with only 4 points as non resident. We have been in that unit in the past, mainly for a late bull rifle hunt. We are in good shape and have no problem going the extra mile to get away from the crowds. Most of the sycamore wilderness area seems to be at lower elevation. Are there enough elk to go after in the canyons, or should we focus on higher elevation like the AZ fish and game seems to recommend? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I got drawn for a Bull Elk Hunt in Unit 8 and plan to rifle hunt the Sycamore Canyon area during the first week of December. I've been hunting deer for 15 + years and elk for the past 5 years in Colorado. I am a meat hunter but for this hunt I will try to hold back for a 300+ inch bull, at least for the first few days. I moved to Colorado from Upstate New York earlier this year, but I had been planning to move to Arizona and plans changed at the last minute. Since I was planning on an Arizona move I had been accumulating points for the past 3 years. Since I ended up moving to Colorado instead, I decided to cash in my AZ points and this will likely be a once in lifetime hunt for me in AZ. I'll be in the Canyon scouting the area on 6/9, 6/10, 6/11. I'm looking for someone that knows the unit well and didn't get drawn this year that might like to join in on this expedition. Please respond if interested. Of course, any information or tips on this unit would be much appreciated. Thanks for all your help!