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  1. Steve123

    New Manners PRS1 stock/M700 or clone inlet.

    Still got it.
  2. Steve123

    M700 223AI Benchrest/varmint rifle

    Up for the weekend
  3. Steve123

    M700 223AI Benchrest/varmint rifle

    photo's up at first post
  4. Steve123

    M700 223AI Benchrest/varmint rifle

    Too be honest I'm more of a long range steel shooter, I hardly shoot groups. I fired the 100 virgin brass to fireform on steel just messing around, then I did a ladder test at 400Y with the formed brass, there was 1" of vertical for 3 shots, 24.7, 24.8 and 24.9. I chose 24.8. I hadn't got to seating depth testing and as we know that'l tune the load in even better. The rifle shot so well I blew off the seating tests. I can't remember what the worst group was, heck I was only establishing my zero, 4 out of 5 touching?? from then on it was banging steel. At my friends shooting range we have some small steel in front of big steel. I've got some other nice custom rifles but on this particular day I cleaned all the small steel plus the farther medium sized steel and shot small vertical at the 1122Y plate, never did that with my other much more expensive rifles. This is the only time I hit all of them on the first shot at 550Y, 675Y, 812Y, 981Y, and 1122Y. Unless a guy is an all out benchrest shooter he won't be iffy at this rifles accuracy. Besides, I'm not one of these tall tale type shooters that claims 1/4" all day, keepin it real for yuh here. Those 88's aren't exactly a premium benchrest bullet either.... I think this rifle will shoot even better... Reason for selling is I have a $3500-ish 6mmBR that is my main rifle and these two cartridges are redundant in ballistics, I don't need both. Plus I have other projects in mind, oh boy - hands rubbing together! I'll try to get some pics up later today.
  5. Steve123

    New Manners PRS1 stock/M700 or clone inlet.

    No it's literally brand new. It's for a short action. I found the order confirmation. Right Handed Shell - Elite Hunter Action - Arc Nucleus Sa Trigger Guard - Ptg Dbm Stealth (m5) Barrel Contour - Mtu Butt Pad - 1/2 Inch Pad - 14.75 LOP Finish - Elite Tac Black Forest Molded Hardware - Flush Cup 2 Left Hardware - Sling Stud - 1 Btm Front Hardware - Install 9/16" Pillars
  6. Trued stainless M700 short action with 20 vartarg spring and follower. Stainless Benchmark heavy varmint 7 twist at 28" with 6r rifling and throated for 88-95 grain bullets to the lands at 2.6 OACL. I shoot it single shot of course. 260 rounds down barrel and is easily a 1/2 moa rifle with very little load work done and I haven't even finished the seating depth test. My load is 24.6 grains Varget with Hornady 88's/.55 G1 BC and they are going 2814 fps, it's the low node. Our 15" plate at 981Y is no challenge!!! Recoil is so light on this 18 lb rifle/with scope, it's ridiculous!!! Barrel has never been "hot". Offered at additional price is a 20 caliber 5mmFBI(20-221FB AI) 12 twist Pacnor barrel with 450 - ish rounds on it that is headspaced to this action, that shoots awesome! I'll throw in some formed brass and load recipe, Add $250 Jewel trigger set to 5 ounce. It has a 20 moa base but I can't remember what brand. Stock is Blue laminated wood with 3" wide forend and adjustable cheek piece as well as a fancy rear butt system and action is glass bedded to the stock. Comes with 80 loaded rounds, 250 bullets, and Lee dies. $1400 Where are you going to find a full custom at this price???!!! Possible trades are CZ or Anschutz 17hmr, or custom M700-ish clone repeater action. shmonty03@aol.com
  7. This has the side port cut for the ARC Nucleus action and has the barrel inlet done for a heavier barrel like MTU. Has the DBM cut for PTG system. It will however fit any M700 or clone. $1000 and no 6 month wait. shmonty03@aol.com
  8. Steve123

    Cabin in Unit 10 NM

    If I may ask, what are your property taxes per year? Thanks
  9. Steve123

    WTB 20 Vartarg and T-bolt in 17hmr

    I'm leaning towards Vartarg now.
  10. Steve123

    Mannlicher Schoenauer M1914 custom 6.5x54MS

    Christmas sale, you know you always wanted the best. $1450 this week.
  11. Steve123

    Mannlicher Schoenauer M1914 custom 6.5x54MS

    Offers or trades considered.
  12. still for sale, or possible trades.
  13. Steve123

    WTB 20 Vartarg and T-bolt in 17hmr

    Still looking
  14. Steve123

    adjusting shooter app drops

    Sounds like you got it sorted out but there are other considerations. Chronos can be off as much as 5% and the cheaper ones can be off even more. Been there, done that. Scope height above bore in the app must be within a 10th of an inch. And of course one must strive to nail down the actual BC, not the old inflated BC's that still float around the internet. Fortunately Hornady has their new Mach BC's which should be very close! All this is dependent on if your scope is tracking perfectly, actually most scopes are slightly off 1-2%. Atmospherics, especially the station pressure, affects drop quite a bit at the longer distances. So does wind direction, the effect is aerodynamic jump. Then there's ammo temp which can skew results. Ball powders are the worst temp sensitive powders and that's what many factory loads use. Best to stick with Hodgdon Extreme powders or the Induron line of IMR if reloading. It's always nice if you're zero is perfect, a click off at whatever your sight in distance is will be a click off farther out. I try to make sure my zero is correct by shooting 5 or more shots, well unless 3 are in the same hole.