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    Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Reloading when possible. I'm the owner of Paint Werkz LLC (FFL 07/02) and do a firearms refinishing to consumers and a lot of OEM work.

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  1. rszkutak

    Garmin Xero A1i archery bow sight, NEW - $700

    When I was at Ben Avery a few weeks back I watched a guy do the full setup on his in about an hour and a half, tops. That was from mounting it to being dialed in on paper at 80 yards. He ran a few random distances too and was nailing it. The technology is so solid and it has a ton of advanced functions built into it, I love it and would love to hunt with it but I didn’t feel it was right for me after getting it.
  2. rszkutak

    Garmin Xero A1i archery bow sight, NEW - $700

    *(&#%*(375897#^$&#^76&*^#$&*%@$&*!^)$*#^ Sorry editing right now 700
  3. I got a Garmin Xero A1i bow sight for my new bow recently. I installed it on my bow, played with it a bit at the house, and realized that it just wasn’t my thing. Sight is brand new with zero shots fired, never been in the field, indoor range or battery’s installed. All factory protective film is still on the sight. Pics attached are of the actual unit on my counter at home from my iphone, so pardon the kinda blurry image when zoomed in. The Garmin comes with the box, manual, tape to mount the range finder trigger and all the goodies needed for it. The Xero A1i is truly an exceptional bow sight that’s a game changer for archery enabling you fast target acquisition with a single pin giving you a dead on spot where you’re arrow is going to go.... well as long as you do your part! I’m located in north phoneix in the deer valley area. I would prefer not to ship the sight but if needed I can ship it for additional cost. Not interested in trades. $700 (cell text or call is quicker) 602 492 4486 Rob My price reflects that of similar Xero A1i’s being sold on eBay and such that are used or demos while mine is brand spanking new but just box opened and mounted then removed.
  4. Got busy with life and forgot about this. This is still available for those interested.
  5. Got busy with life and forgot about this. This is still available for those interested.
  6. rszkutak

    new to shed hunting, advice?

    I'm wanting to go out this spring and search for shed's, if i find some great, if not i had an excuse to get into the outdoors for a day or two. that being said, I don't need or want your spots for finding shed's. Some general guidance on what to look for and what area's to focus on would be great. Should I do some glassing for them like you do for deer in the bab as opposed to walking like mad. Sure walking you will see more for sure, but glassing you have the advantage of covering a lot more ground quickly, or would glassing defeat the purpose and cause you to lose shed's that otherwise might be there. I have all Swaro's too, not cheaper glass that could hide shed's if they were visable. I know the area's of the state would change on the time of the year, southern area's being different than kaibab. As a rule of thumb, when should I start looking in the sea of junipers and possibly up in the bab? thank you in advance for your responses.
  7. rszkutak

    AKC Black Lab Pups

    OMG The level of cuteness here is beyond belief. I have sent my fiencee the pics from here. Doubtful she will let us get another lab, but hopeful too! BEAUTIFUL BABIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. rszkutak

    anyone want to go fox hunting?

    I'm totally game to going fox hunting. Sorry I wasn't on my PC at all since Friday so I couldn't respond to the thread. i live in the north valley (7st and 101) so connecting should be easy enough. I don't really have an opportunity to go hunting until November as the entire month of October is pretty much packed with out of town stuff and other commitments, one of them being running my friends shop for almost 2 weeks while he's away on vacation.
  9. Thanks for the PM's and calls. This is still available.
  10. rszkutak

    anyone want to go fox hunting?

    i'd love to smoke a couple foxes, what part of the state are you in? I can't believe no one has responded to your post yet!!
  11. rszkutak

    Also looking for

    I have a close to new savage 116 stainless 300 win i just posted.