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  1. DipCope


    Oh man this would be sweet back up in AK!
  2. DipCope

    Precision tools

    If you’re willing to shop I’ll take a mitutoyo micrometer!
  3. DipCope

    Eotech XPS2-0 sale/trade

    pm sent
  4. DipCope

    WTB Heated socks

    id be freaked out about a thermal runaway with them strapped to my feet. we all wore bunny boots in AK. nothing beats them but your feet are going to be hot and not really adequate for mobility.
  5. DipCope

    Swarovski 10x42 question + vortex 15x50

    I went with the 12's because I was tired of carrying two sets of binos around. No regrets so far.
  6. DipCope

    Quiet Handgun

    10MM isnt too bad. in My opinion much easier on the ears than a 44 mag.
  7. DipCope

    Swarovski 10x42 question + vortex 15x50

    You're paying for the ability to see more wildlife and hunt harder. Theres a lot less time wasted on trying to figure out whether that rock is a deer or having to stop and rest your eyes. The quality of the glass allows for a lot less eye fatigue and more time spent in the glass. Also With better clarity i found it easier to catch movements.
  8. DipCope

    Estate Sale

    I got a hold of her. Met with Eric today and picked up some reloading equipment. Thanks!
  9. DipCope

    Estate Sale

    I’ve been trying to get a hold of her with no luck.
  10. DipCope

    Colt Delta Elite with original box

    No offense but you're totally going to regret selling this dude. Especially being in 10mm.
  11. DipCope

    Utah Cow Elk

    Plan on High altitude mountain hunting, I was up there last week hunting mule deer and was seeing elk in the 8-10K feet range... Id highly recommend good boots and trekking poles.