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  1. smackawackalacka

    There up !

    late late 22n bull
  2. smackawackalacka

    Credit Card Hit

    2 bull tags :)
  3. smackawackalacka

    what rifle for me 14 year daughter ?

    CZ 527 7.62x39
  4. smackawackalacka

    Pretty Cool buck

    Made a little video to keep the memories alive. Just cell phone pictures but came out pretty good. Starts out with a scouting trip and ends sharing meat over friendsgiving. Good luck to all the archrey hunters! https://youtu.be/sXRJyurN_iw
  5. smackawackalacka

    Pretty Cool buck

    Also helped my buddy get his first deer. Love this view
  6. smackawackalacka

    Pretty Cool buck

    Thanks guys! I ran into a few other hunters out there, one said this deer was internet worthy haha
  7. smackawackalacka

    Pretty Cool buck

    Successful hunt