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  1. Stink Pig

    WTB/WTT for some 7mm RUM Brass

  2. Stink Pig

    Another dummy looking for AR lowers...

    That were bought out by anothe company but still selling. I bought a lower a week ago.
  3. Stink Pig

    Southern Xpress 6.5 PRC

    For Sale 6.5 PRC. Remington 700 short action. X-Caliber barrel #5 profile 1:8 twist 6 groove with 5 spiral flutes. Bolt face opened with m-16 style extractor. Sniper grey Cerakote. Trigger-Tech Primary trigger set at about 1.5 lbs. Detachable bottom magazine with one 3-round magazine. One piece 0 MOA Leupold base. Stocky’s M50 stock. Rifle weighs 8.8 lbs. Without scope and rings. https://www.stockysstocks.com/stocky-s-new-long-range-composite-stock-m50-m50-accublockr-remington-700-new-premium-finishes.html All put together by the one and only Todd South at Southern Xpress. If you know Todd you know his ability to build a rifle Scope and rings not included. She’s a shooter. Targets are first trip out with factory ammo. Will throw in ammo for full asking price. Brass is 4x fired others are 3x fired. Hornady brass H1000 147 eld-m. I live in Queen Creek, AZ but my job has me all over the Phoenix area. $1500 480 331 4898