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  1. Mr September

    Javelina Hunts Video on YouTube

    Awesome man
  2. Mr September

    "went with the old 30-30"

  3. Mr September

    Got it done with the .357

    Very Cool!
  4. Mr September

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

  5. Mr September

    New Welcome Wagon!

    Man I wish I had some cactus bounders near me... Very cool
  6. Mr September

    Wife’s 2021 javelina

    Awesome! Congrats!
  7. Mr September

    19b pig

  8. Mr September

    Kids pig

    Awesome! Congrats!
  9. Mr September

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    In my opinion whether it's "legally" a hand gun or not is irrelevant. It absolutely circumvents the disadvantage that is supposed to be built into a primitive, or at least "more" primitive hunt tag. Whether it is "legal" has nothing to do with what the spirit of the what the tag/H.A.M. hunt is intended. Also: A tag that is easier to obtain BECAUSE success is SUPPOSED to be more difficult. It's at the very least cheating the system. Like staying out of work so you can collect unemployment because it's more than you make working. It's absolutely "legal" when done properly... But that's not who I am, how I do things. It probably is legal... But is that really who/what you want to be? I know those aren't the principals that made this country and its people so great in the past. Some times it just boils down to "right" and "wrong". Grab a wheel gun and go have fun, and actually "hunt". You would have had a better experience anyway. Whether you actually killed one or not. All JMHO of course. Congrats on getting some meat. How is the meat? How did you prepare?
  10. Mr September

    Drought and Javelina?

  11. Mr September

    Drought and Javelina?

    Just an FYI: I have two separate herds that have switched their home range significantly in the last 10 years.
  12. Mr September

    2021 24A/24B Youth

    Well that's good news. I have found pigs to be FAR more crepuscular than they are generally rumored to be. I know this, the guys with the whole: "They won't even be on their feet until 10" thing... You just keep doing that. Makes it nice stalking herd after herd at the first crack of light all alone. LMAO! (And yes I have killed several pigs over the years in the evening. It fact last years was within the last few minutes of light.
  13. Mr September

    Drought and Javelina?

    I agree with you. I have seen them shift home ranges for different reasons over the years as well.
  14. Mr September

    2021 24A/24B Youth

    Interesting. Is this normal for the area? I haven't hunted 24B in close to 15 years.
  15. Mr September

    Drought and Javelina?

    For all you guys that live in the beautiful desert year round with these cool little cactus bounders: How does the drought affect them? Their habits, or feed, or times of day, water proximity etc...? Does a dry year change how and where you look for them? Areas? Times of day? Geography? Just curious to know if there are guys that know enough about these mysterious little critters to have a line on how drought effects them?