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  1. JohnGradyCole

    Buying OTC Tag

    Awesome - Thanks for the quick reply!
  2. JohnGradyCole

    Buying OTC Tag

    Is going to a AZGFD office the only place I can buy an OTC Archery Deer tag? I've done some googling and looked in the regs and can't seem to find an straight answer. I saw somewhere that there may be authorized dealers who sell hunting licenses but I'm not sure if that means they would also sell OTC tags, I also couldn't find who the authorized dealers are. Also - if I can go somewhere other than a AZGFD office, where is there to go in Tucson? Thanks - hopefully this is a question worth answering and not one where I glanced over the answer while looking through the regs.
  3. JohnGradyCole

    Typical Day for Late Season Bull

    Wow really? I do use Onx. Would be sweet and really nice of you to share if you're still willing! This will be my first bull harvested, and only my second ever elk, so I'm really just looking for any bull.
  4. JohnGradyCole

    Typical Day for Late Season Bull

  5. JohnGradyCole

    Typical Day for Late Season Bull

    Awesome, great advice. Much appreciated.
  6. JohnGradyCole

    Typical Day for Late Season Bull

    Hi I'll be backpack hunting in a wilderness area for a late season bull hunt in the coming weeks. This is my second late season bull hunt and my first one was a tough and I didn't see any elk (but had a great time!). I'm somewhat new to hunting and most of my hunting has been for whitetail down near Tucson, so I fee like during my previous bull elk hunt, I was treating my approach a little too much like coues hunting. So - my question is - What does a typical day of pursuing late season bulls look like? For example, if a glass an area in the early morning and don't see anything (or don't see sign), should I quickly move on and go to the next spot? Should I revisit that spot in the evening or rule it out entirely? Is there any downtime during the day like on a coues hunt? Or should I just plan on continuing moving throughout the day and checking out as much heck holes as I can find? Do I run a greater risk of bumping elk if I'm hiking from area to area during midday? Thanks! I just want to be the most productive as I can during the hunt and have the best chance for success.