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    Northern AZ bow shop

    Yes, I couldn't agree more with your recommendation. Unfortunately that's a long drawn out process, especially for an inexperience archer such as myself. While I've already started the learning process, I'll have to hire the work out while I learn. I'm still going to keep the shop I used nameless, but I've got to give them credit as they definitely went the extra mile to make up for the mistake. I guess end of the day no one will or should care about your bow setup as much as you should so learn to do it yourself.
  2. vegasmike

    Northern AZ bow shop

    Thanks for the Bull Basin recommendation. I saw their webpage and will definitely give them a call. Hopefully this is a solid shop, I love the flagstaff area so I won’t mind heading down there for my archery needs.
  3. vegasmike

    Northern AZ bow shop

    Currently there are two. Both are sub par from my experience and research. I have enough trouble perfecting my shot I certainly don’t want to be second guessing my set up. Just got the email I drew a NV archery deer tag and still have my OTC AZ tag so I really want to get everything dialed in now so I can concentrate on scouting and hopefully put a tag on my first ever buck this year.
  4. Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend and thank you to all that have served. Looking for recommendations on a northern az bow shop. I’m in Vegas so I was hoping the flagstaff area has a great shop to help me with my setup. Im not inherently wealthy but I’m always happy to pay for good service and experience Unfortunately the current shop I use has proven incompetent as the two times I’ve given them My bow for service (and paid for it) it was given back incorrectly set up and it just caused me to come back from my Utah turkey hunt early. My blood is still boiling as I write this lol. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.
  5. Hi All, Hope everyone has been having a great season. I was lucky enough to take part in my first Coues deer hunt the first week of Jan. I got to check out unit 6a which i did some previous scouting for, saw some deer but couldn't make anything happen. Then made my way down to a boarder unit where an awesome gentleman from the forum showed me around and taught me a ton about coues and glassin. Wasn't able to punch a tag but an amazing trip nonetheless. I've still got a tag burning a hole in my pocket, so I'm looking to switch gears a little bit. The unit 6a I scouted/hunted is now closed for the archery season so I'll get to explore a new unit. As much as i loved chasing those little coues deer around I'm changing my focus to mule deer so i can actually get some meet should I actually find success lol. I've been hitting onX & google earth to e-scout mainly unit 21 but also 20c. Being greener than grass I'm going for quantity of deer and ease of hunt opposed quality of age and genetics. If I can get a couple stalks in I'd be thrilled, if I put one on the ground that's icing on the cake (I hear its an average of 15 stalks per shot opportunity). Dugas Rd in unit 21 is looking most appealing to me at the moment. Sounds like a lot of people glass/hunt right from the road. I was planning to truck/tent camp at one of the pulloffs but hike in off the road 1-3 miles to find a glassing point in hopes that gets me away from any crowds. I'm actually happy to hike in further but feel being mobile is best as I learn whats what with the area. Is the area as crowded during the end of the late archery season as I hear it is during the rifle season? I was planning to check out the drainages around Reimer Draw that are west of reimer sprigns rd / 68D and/or the checking out the canyons off Tule Mesa Rd. I read the deer like to bed in the thick tree cover and come out into the transition zones to feed so i figured glassing into the canyons would be my starting point. Any thoughts or direction would be beyond appreciated. Unfortunately being such a new hunter i have no info of value to trade, unless you like fly fishing in Utah. Thanks !!
  6. Again I want to send a huge thanks out to everyone for their feedback which has been quite helpful as I continue to plan out my hunt. I was able to make it down to the Camp Verde area to do a bit of scouting this weekend. Although I wasn’t able to put glass on any Coues I did see a lot of tracks, scat (not fresh), and found a shed. I was also able to spot a few cow elk feeding their way up the drainage hillside. Im a bit confused by what I saw. I was assuming the deer would be bedding down in the drainages and working them self’s out to feed water and rut. I found the majority of tracks and scat around the rims of the drainages and even in areas wiped bare by cattle. I actually found a shed less than 100yards from rt260. Also saw a lot of what I thought were mule deer tracks and scat. Could they be bedding up top or could this just be really old sign when they were forced to use the tanks by the road to water? I also had the downfall of seeing two track roads in the bottom of every drainage I was glassing so I’m definitely going to rent a pickup for the hunt to help get a little deeper in and away from the roads A443207F-8AB6-4458-B55A-D31CE1A51957.MOV A443207F-8AB6-4458-B55A-D31CE1A51957.MOV
  7. Definitely not ruling out renting a truck. I'd bet after a scouting trip that'll be the route I take. As I dive further into OnX and google earth the majority of the spots I'd like to hunt aren't accessible by car. I'll use my AirBnB budget for a truck and my tent will have to replace a nice warm cabin.
  8. Thanks for all the great feedback
  9. Hello all, Very new to both the forum and hunting in general. This is actually my first season, I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to successfully hunt a friends farm in Oklahoma & just recently in NY as well. I'm hoping to apply what I've learned during my first two archery hunts and see what I can make of an OTC AZ archery coues deer rut hunt. Two very different worlds I know. I currently reside in Las Vegas, so hunting one of the central units would allow me to make a pre hunt scouting trip. From researching GOhunt, OnX, AZGFD, google earth, & podcasts I'm thinking Unit 6a will be best for me. Seems most people spend countless hours glassing and playing the spot and stalk game. I'm super excited to spend a day or two attempting some stalks but I'm thinking building a natural blind and sitting water is going to give me the best opportunity for success considering my "greenness". Bear in mind success for me would be simply filling my tag, and I'd probably be fairly happy with just some encounters I can learn from. I'm planning to build a blind on three or four different water holes during my scouting trip I can sit during my hunt. My biggest handcuff will be my lack of 4x4 vehicle. I'm stuck hunting from a car lol. My current plan is to AirBnB a place in Camp Verde and hunt the water tanks off RT260/General Crook Trail. My largest concern is the majority of the water holes I have access to seem pretty close to the main road (all less than a mile) and have ATV tails leading to them. While I consider myself pretty physically fit I know how steep and deep those canyons can get so I'm not going to even pretend like I have the sack to attempt a long backpack hunt or a 4 mile 1,000ft ele change hike....this year at least. Some have said its not a bad idea being im not looking for a trophy class buck and others said its a waste of time and funds. Any thoughts and or advice would be greatly appreciated.