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    Vortex Razor 11-33x50 Spotting Scope

    Interested. Location?
  2. elcy

    Sitka Mt Hauler 6200 NWT

    anyone? Bueller?
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    Sounds good
  5. elcy

    Sitka Mt Hauler 6200 NWT

    Compare in what way?
  6. Size M/L which is listed up to 36" waist, but my waist is over 40", and it fits well with room to spare. $595 new, buy mine for $500 OBO I live near 35th ave and Thunderbird in NW Phoenix, work takes me all over the city, so I can meet if you're on the other side of town.
  7. A friend of a friend does: Gilbert Welch gilbert@phisatellitephones.com PHIsatellitephones.com cell: 480.2067369
  8. elcy

    Keep an eye out for stolen goods

    Good idea. I'll pass it on to him. Thanks
  9. My buddies trailer, razor and hunting gear were stolen this morning from NW Peoria. Keep an eye out
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    As pictured, $20. New ones are $35 Pick up near I-17 and Thunderbird, or the Scottsdale Airpark. I'll ship it on your dime if you'd like, should be less than $5.