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  1. catclaw

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Fresh skirt steak ( yesterday's elk) green chilies and a could of serranos not shown
  2. catclaw


  3. catclaw

    9.3x62 Anyone Shoot It?

    Dumoullin action, Black walnut stock, Pac-Nor sent me a 1-10 twist CM barrel blank... No muzzle brakes for me either. My 340 weighs 9#s all up. I suspect the 9.3 will be similar. I do have a 338 Norma with a brake, it is a dedicated prone LR rifle. Purpose built for LR elk. I'm taking it hunting tomorrow 🤞
  4. catclaw

    9.3x62 Anyone Shoot It?

    If i don't have time to finish it, I'll use my 340.
  5. catclaw

    9.3x62 Anyone Shoot It?

  6. catclaw

    9.3x62 Anyone Shoot It?

    I'm building one right now. Hope to use it on my brown bear hunt
  7. catclaw

    Vortex binos?

    I have all three. My experience with the 18x56 is good. They give up a little in field of view obviously. I spent a whole day with both 15x56 SLC and 18x56 UHD each on their own tripod. I preferred my 15s but i could use the 18s all day. I have the Fury 5000. Rangefinder is excellent glass is good. I used them all day to glass on a mountain goat hunt in August.i thought they were good. Now if i could just find my 15s.... They weren't in my designated spot
  8. catclaw

    Great hunt!

    Well done
  9. catclaw


    I saw it in 10 back in 08 i think
  10. catclaw

    Whitetails in 3C

    Thanks. I was pleasantly surprised that i drew it.
  11. catclaw

    Whitetails in 3C

    I have that December tag. Just wondering if there was much of a chance to hunt both deer. I've not seen them but my experience in 3C has been limited to a dozen elk hunts
  12. catclaw

    Whitetails in 3C

    Anyone ever see coues in 3C?
  13. catclaw

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Moose roast
  14. catclaw

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Seagull eggs, baked Ptarmigan
  15. catclaw

    Anyone use Power Tank to air up/down?

    Allied on Country club in Mesa during the winter, the local place in Kodiak the rest of the year