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  1. No such thing as a fur- friendly 243 load. You will lose fur more often than not.
  2. catclaw

    Results are up.

    Wasn't there like 170,000 more applications than last year? I didn't get an easy tag!
  3. catclaw

    the wait is over

  4. catclaw


    I get the impression they don't expect it to stop until the can contain it at 88/188.
  5. catclaw


    Looks like the whole unit is going to burn.
  6. catclaw


    I wonder how the sheep are fairing with the big fire in the Superstitions right now. I remember when the Wallow fire killed a LOT Of sheep!
  7. catclaw

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    I did 28 and 24B
  8. catclaw

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    I hope this is a good year but like said, I may still have to wait 10 more years to get a tag. I heard they are capturing the rams out of 24B and sending them to Texas.
  9. catclaw

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    Here we are again. Same argument as last year. You can't count on the outfitters to help you choose as the several I talked to only wanted to steer me to the units THEY knew and not somewhere else that was potentially good. Obviously last years strategy didn't work.
  10. catclaw

    Namibia July 2018 ( a return to Africa)

    I went to Nambia in July. I had a great time, shot some nice trophies and enjoyed the relief from our heat. Congrats on your great trip!!
  11. Has anyone heard if they were hunters? Isn't archery elk going on up there?
  12. catclaw

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    I never set the 180 as my goal, I want to hunt a unit that has that potential. Who wouldn't?
  13. catclaw

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    I still have 20 good years of hitting the hills left. I asked because maybe somebody knows something and disease, die-off etc. There are 4 different hunts in those 2 units as well. There are folks who know a lot more about sheep than I do. I have only been on a few sheep hunts myself. All were for nelsoni rams, however.
  14. catclaw

    2018, Desert sheep unit

    I don't care what everyone else is putting in for, just what I am putting in for. When I drew my antelope tag I applied for one choice and drew tag #1. I am open to 22 or 24B, not really thinking there are 180 class sheep in any other units right now.
  15. What is the story this year for the desert sheep. A lot of big ones were killed last year, any left? I have max points and want to apply for the best units but I have heard conflicting reports of Pneumonia, blue tongue and so forth. I am looking at 22 and 24b. Anyone know why they have a separate hunt just for the wilderness? Wouldn't 24BS cover all that too and more?