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  1. Native Arizonan

    Backroadz truck tent

    Do you still have it? I am interested.
  2. Native Arizonan

    WTB TC Encore/Pro Hunter barrels

    I have for Encore: 22-250 Bergara barrel 6.5x284 Match Grade Machine barrel For Contender: 223 14" contender barrel 222 10" contender barrel If you are interested in any of these contact me and we can discuss price.
  3. Native Arizonan

    WTS custom deer rifle and accessories $500

    I used winchester brass, I sold this gun this morning.
  4. I have a Ruger M77 that was fitted with a custom barrel and other upgrades by David Van Horn. It is a 25 Van Horn Express, a 264 Win Mag necked down to 25 caliber with an improved shoulder. I had this gun built back in 2007 and have taken several deer and one antelope with it, out to 500 yards. At just over 9 pounds I can no longer lug this thing around and bought a Kimber Hunter which comes in about 5.5 pounds. Everything in the attached pictures is included in this price. Reloading dies, a bag of 50 unopened brass, 200 rounds of used brass, primers and bullets and about 15 loaded rounds, Also a pound of IMR 7828 powder. It probably has around six to seven hundred rounds down the tube. Between fire forming and working up loads most of that has been at the range. I have always been careful to let the barrel cool down between shots so as not to burn out the barrel. I believe this gun still has a lot of life left.
  5. Native Arizonan

    Ammo & Powder

    East Mesa near the 60 and 202
  6. Native Arizonan

    Ammo & Powder

    44 Mag 50 round boxes $40 each 1 lb H380 $30 1 lb IMR7828 $30 Approximately 6 lbs H4831 $100