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  1. Ms. Blackwolf

    Drew Unit 42 New Mexico- NOW what lol?

    I just did (they're on sale btw) and it's great! I think like maybe 4 others got tags in that area for whitetail so I'm not holding my breath but it's an adventure. Probably no Coues as I misread DNR blog. But Texas whitetail are. If I get a really small one maybe I can pretend it's a Coues lol....Thanks again for good advice.
  2. Ms. Blackwolf

    Drew Unit 42 New Mexico- NOW what lol?

    I guess I'll find out. After I scout a few areas and take photos I'll update on what I find out that way. Saw a few pics of Coues in NM posted but maybe it was Texas
  3. Ms. Blackwolf

    Drew Unit 42 New Mexico- NOW what lol?

    Thank you for the thumbs-up I saw some posts on 42 back in 2011. But the animals move so things may have changed
  4. Lucky me...new to this group, new to hunting, single female, and unit 42 any sex whitetail any weapon....and surprise surprise, no one wants to bother with whitetail and go with me. I see it's mostly private lands and that pockets of them are found in certain areas only (mostly private lands from what I'm reading). I have a Savage Axis .30-06 I'm practicing with for long distances (also new to shooting but getting tight groupings at least so I'm not worried about that ). I plan to scout the area but need to know where is best, and if there are ANY public lands in 42 that is home to whitetail??? Thanks in advance.