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  1. LAR DOG


    it was brought up on this forum also. im laughing now, people were calling for blood! now here is this guy mentioned in it and no one cares lmao. i guess my bad then. what an butt am it. i thought i was doing a service lol. i dont run any cameras yet anyway, so i guess i dont care. let me apologize to the OP, i feel like an idiot. i'll get out my fleshlight and fukk myself later. if the people that got their stuff stolen dont care, i dont care. NICE, I don't think most folks on here know what a fleshlight is Ha HA Ha ENJOY
  2. LAR DOG

    Some recent work...Pic heavy

  3. LAR DOG

    When it all comes together........

    Why is Gino holding Dale's Hand in the last pic, Don't tell me that stuff is going on over there now. GREAT BUCK HEATHER
  4. LAR DOG

    New Year, New Snow, Two Bucks

    That was cool we got r done on the same day, I had -2 that morning and it felt GOOD 2pm I killed mine Jan.3 NICE BUCKS COOL
  5. LAR DOG

    GET 'R' DONE

    10 yard shot from a tree stand 25 feet high, He went 15 yards, RAGE 2'' cut
  6. LAR DOG

    Getting Closer

  7. LAR DOG

    GET 'R' DONE

    The Good Lord Blessed me with this NICE BUCK on Jan.3, 2015 I think its time to Brag just a little bit. This makes 15 Coues Deer with my Bow and they are all hanging in my house, I am VERY THANKFULL GOOD LUCK
  8. LAR DOG

    Double Grey Fox Mount

    A another good SPANKING NOBODY can touch this work, I got your email Cant wait to see my 2014 Buck he will make number 16 on the wall and you guys did lots of them for me Stay health and keep up the good work Lov Lar
  9. LAR DOG

    game and fish cam

    I know who is doing this ITS NOT G & F, BULLY'S trying to keep you out I have a BIG SURPRISE for them
  10. LAR DOG

    Lifesize Black Bear

    I see your still spanking um YES
  11. LAR DOG

    Gayest elk ever. .

    These elk must have seen RUT 'N' HARD members in the woods is all i can think. :wub: :lol:
  12. LAR DOG

    2014 Buck

    I guess i should post my Buck 30 days in a treestand Took this nice buck on Jan. 30th
  13. LAR DOG

    Finished my sons huge buck!

    THE BARN, Are you going to use a condom he he he GET 'R' DONE Romocasador