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  1. billythekid

    Solar panels FREE

    still available?
  2. billythekid

    Coleman ct200u-ex mini bike - price drop

    hmmm, u in phx anytime soon?
  3. billythekid

    18x10 wheels

  4. billythekid

    18x10 wheels

    morning bump for some 50% awesome wheels!!
  5. billythekid

    18x10 wheels

    a coues member was nice enough to sell me these 4 wheels, of which only 2 were good and 2 had cracks I realized as they were leaking air after being mounted. the man I bought them from refused to give me my money back. they are back up for sale, with full disclosure that 2 of these have about a 2 inch crack in them, somewhat by the valve stem. 2 of them are gtg. I think they can be fixed but im not an expert on that. they are off an 2003 f250, 8x170, made by fuel make an offer!
  6. billythekid

    truck wheels

    just a heads up folks, I bought some f250 fuel wheels the other week off this site..... after having them mounted, 2 wouldn't hold air because they were cracked..... I asked for my money back but the seller wouldn't not give it. there seems to be a trail of wheels being posted and sold and then the threads disappearing...…
  7. billythekid

    Good Guy Seller List

    bought some f250 wheels off of Hawkruiz69 's dad, max 2 of the 4 were cracked and max would not give me my money back.
  8. billythekid

    WTB Chevy/Dodge Rims- 8 lug- Black

    smith, just a heads up and to be careful, I just bought 4 wheels of this sight, 2 were good and 2 had cracks in them(which you cant see till filled with air). I assumed they were good wheels (bad assumption) I asked for my money back and got denied.
  9. billythekid

    getting rid of stuff

    the hand planes are by Stanley no 120, and a no 5,
  10. billythekid

    getting rid of stuff

    im in the old town Scottsdale area. the leather piece is about the size of a medium cow, or so, I think
  11. billythekid

    getting rid of stuff

    check it out, ask a question, make an offer! I'd like it gone asap. the long cardboard box is a roll of leather, the silver/green toolbox is leather working tools
  12. billythekid

    hornady shotgun reloading press

    progressive press by Hornady. 12g serial number is A004158 make an offer!
  13. billythekid


    This still avail?
  14. billythekid

    Free ammo

    7x61 s&h is back on the market.
  15. billythekid

    New Price, 2016 Outdoorsmans Long Range System

    What pack is this specifically, is it the long range or the optics or what? I don't know much about them....