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  1. I know it can be difficult for some people to tell the difference between a rock and a person . I always have a spotter when I shoot to make sure that it is a rock that were shooting at and not a person in rock camouflage whether it be up or down canyon 😁😁😁
  2. The gravity part is the easy part. Just make sure your loads are single digit or low teens. Reading the wind separates the men from the boys when shooting out past 700 yrds . Also knowing whether you have a right or left barrel twist (most barrels are right hand twist but there are some left hand out there) to add or subtract your spin drift to your windage setting . I think the best thing you can do is shoot rocks as far as you can when ever you can. Up canyons across canyons down canyons. Turning rocks into gravel at long range will teach you how to read the different winds and most important will give you the confidence that you can make that long shot when it counts . Just my 2 cents.
  3. As long as you have 1800fps to open the bullet and 1500ft lbs send it !!😁😁
  4. Show me a 140 gr. 6.5 mm that has BC of .818 as the 338 300gr. berger does Theoretically you are right. In the real world the 338 is a much better ELR round . Try finding a 1 gr bullet and a 1000gr bullet with the same BC . Just kidding. The reason I shoot a 338 is because of the high BC bullets that are available
  5. My 338 edge has a drop of 468 in at 1300 yrds with a 300 gr berger .818 bc with muzzle velocity 2850 energy at 1300 yrds is 1684 ft lbs The 6.5CM is not in the same class of the 338. You also would have almost triple wind drift as a 338 shooting a 300 gr berger. The 6.5 is NOT even close to a 338 at 1000 yrds velocity or energy. At 1300 yrds my 338 drop 38ft. your 6.5 drop 54ft. 26ft difference So it is not faster or flatter at longrange. Like comparing a bb gun (6.5) to a 22 long rifle (338)
  6. TurtleSkin full leg snake chaps, brand new never worn. $200, located in North Glendale or Salt end of Roosevelt Lake depending on the day. 928 699 5581
  7. Dan

    Trigger set

    What weight do you have your trigger set on your longrange hunting rifles I use a trigger tech set at 28 oz. on my edge. Had a jewel and a timney but really like the trigger tech breaks clean with no creep
  8. Dan

    Sweet Redemption

    Congrats on your first bear !!
  9. Dan

    General OTC Bear

    The bears in 23 were in the pears. Earliest ripe pears that I have seen in a long time. We saw 8 different bears in four days. No manzy and not a good year for acorns. So they were easy to see if you found ripe pears.Thats why the big kill. Seemed a lot more hounds in certain areas also. There were 9 sows taken in 23 S when we checked in ours Tuesday AM
  10. Dan

    Longrange scope question

    Nightforce all the way !!!
  11. Dan

    Where is Kidso when needed?

    Congrats !!
  12. Dan

    Hershey Surprise

    Congrats on your bear !! Good job
  13. Dan

    Garret's bear

    Congrats on your bear !!