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    Getting jacked in the weight room,picking up sheds,and calling in bulls,but first and foremost,hangin' out with the fam!

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  1. rageinthesage

    ‘04 Honda Recon ES 250 2x4 f/s

  2. rageinthesage

    ‘04 Honda Recon ES 250 2x4 f/s

    Updated with more sideways pix
  3. rageinthesage

    ‘04 Honda Recon ES 250 2x4 f/s

    Selling my quad, in great condition. Just serviced, new battery, freshly upholstered seat. Not sure of the hours. Asking obo located in New River (928)600-9294 I also have a set of steel or aluminum quads ramps that will go with the quad. SOLD
  4. rageinthesage

    ALAN is a stand up dude.

    It was hilarious while it lasted, lol!
  5. rageinthesage

    ALAN is a stand up dude.

  6. rageinthesage

    3 Bino Chest Harnesses

    Switch to Marsupial?
  7. rageinthesage

    Sig Kilo 3000 Bdx 10x42 binos

  8. rageinthesage


    Ah, just wondering. Thought maybe you were like field staff or something. I wish I had the money to buy your 85mm bell for the atx. Anyway good luck with your sales.
  9. rageinthesage


    Do you work for Swarovski?
  10. rageinthesage

    Chain link dog kennel

  11. rageinthesage

    Lieca duovid 8-12x42

    Nice binos. Any issues with these?
  12. rageinthesage

    Bears by New River?

    There was a pretty cool video of a bear in Anthem not to long ago.
  13. rageinthesage

    Chain link dog kennel

    Chain link dog kennel f/s. Roughly 6’x6’x10’. Good condition, does not break down. $150. Sorry for the sideways pic, maybe hoghntr can fix it for me. Located in New River
  14. rageinthesage

    Military surplus cases

    I went the other day and picked up two cases, one of the bigger ones pictured and one of the tan pelicans for my btx and 15’s. $135 total. He said the bigger one I bought new would be around 5-600 new. He is also getting a shipment of new foam so you can customize the case for your needs. The bow and rifle size cases go the quickest and did not have any in stock, but had just about everything else.
  15. rageinthesage

    What do you think this bull will score?

    400, easily.