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  1. azgutpile

    Vegan billboard near you!

    It's in reference to a fire Hickman had last month, they lost 165,000 hens when one of their buckeye barns burned down.
  2. Sell the rifle as is, and have Axisworks build you a custom from the ground up. You will be further ahead in the end.
  3. azgutpile

    Hunter Safety

    If your looking to hunt out of state, in a state that requires hunter safety, look into Nevada’s online course. I hear they don’t require a field day, or an in person testing.
  4. azgutpile


    Interested in H1000 as well.
  5. azgutpile

    300 wsm load data needed

    Rethink that I think the load above is for the standard 300 win mag. I would think you would be about 10 grains over max. Please verify before loading.
  6. If the powder is unopened, I will trade: 1 box of 168 Nosler Accubond LR 1 open box (95 bullets)143 Eldx 2 lbs of 4831 SC for 2lbs H1000 2 lbs H4350 2 lbs Varget plus $31.00 cash
  7. azgutpile

    2019 Bear Age Results Posted

    What was the path you used to find that on their website?
  8. azgutpile

    Chargemaster Lite

    It expensive...A&d fx120i with A3 combo. https://www.autotrickler.com/autotrickler.html
  9. azgutpile

    Another combining apps question

    Always rounds up
  10. azgutpile

    Best place to buy Honda SXS

    FYI, if you ever have your Honda serviced or have warranty work done at ride now, make sure you check the oil levels before driving it. It took them three times to get my engine oil filled to the right level. Even worse, they gave my Honda back to me with no oil in the sub transmission.
  11. Where did you hear it was hikers? It looked like it started by a road away from any trails.
  12. azgutpile

    Where is This?

    Aldo Leupold.
  13. azgutpile

    Outfitters that guide in 24B?

    Like what was said above A-Z outfitters. They in the Roosevelt area.
  14. azgutpile

    What does a little extra money buy?

    Look into the Seeking Havak.