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  1. azgutpile

    2019 Bear Age Results Posted

  2. azgutpile

    2019 Bear Age Results Posted

    What was the path you used to find that on their website?
  3. azgutpile

    Chargemaster Lite

    It expensive...A&d fx120i with A3 combo. https://www.autotrickler.com/autotrickler.html
  4. azgutpile

    Another combining apps question

    Always rounds up
  5. azgutpile

    Best place to buy Honda SXS

    FYI, if you ever have your Honda serviced or have warranty work done at ride now, make sure you check the oil levels before driving it. It took them three times to get my engine oil filled to the right level. Even worse, they gave my Honda back to me with no oil in the sub transmission.
  6. Where did you hear it was hikers? It looked like it started by a road away from any trails.
  7. azgutpile

    Where is This?

    Aldo Leupold.
  8. azgutpile

    Outfitters that guide in 24B?

    Like what was said above A-Z outfitters. They in the Roosevelt area.
  9. azgutpile

    What does a little extra money buy?

    Look into the Seeking Havak.
  10. azgutpile

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Who did the search, AZGFD or USF&W or both?
  11. azgutpile

    New SFW Tag Grab Initiative

    Just a thought... If you guys want to take something from Utah, do something similarl to their dedicated hunter program. Have a system where you can donate to time or equivalent amount of money to a game and fish approved wildlife organizations and you can earn a bonus point, or maybe you become eligible to apply for specific tags through game and fish.
  12. azgutpile

    Draw Question

    Where did you find this information on their website?
  13. azgutpile

    WTB Swarovski 12x50 EL

    I sold my Swarovski 12’s and purchased the Swarovski 15 HD’s. I don’t regret buying the 15’s , but I do regret selling my 12’s. If you spend a lot of time glassing at distances further than 1,200 yards the 15’s are great; however, if most of your glassing is under 1,200 yards the, 12’s are better in every way. I can’t fricking stand to glass with my 15’s at distances under 300 yards, the FOV sucks. I’m keeping my 15’s, but I will be buying another set of 12’s.
  14. What’s the latest on your 6.5 SS? Eric finished my 6.5 SS build last month and I’ve been working on forming my brass.