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  1. I'm in the market for a new Lexus GX 460, any CWT members work for a local Lexus dealer? PM Me
  2. For Sale: Factory Loaded Ammo 26 Nosler: Doubletap DT Longrange/14 Rounds of 142 gr Accubond and 6 pieces of brass.......$65 300 Weatherby: Conley Precision (CPC)/38 Rounds of 180 gr Barnes XBT...... $100 300 Weatherby: Federal Premium/23 Rounds of 180 gr Barnes Triple Shock.....$75 Reloading Components: Primers: CCI Benchrest BR-2 Large Rifle (Qty 1000 Primers)..... $150 Bullets: 7mm Speer Grand Slam/160 gr (50 CT Box)...... $20 Brass: 300 Weatherby/Once Fired Federal Premium/43 Pieces.......$45 (will include 3 Pieces of Federal Premium Primed Brass) Brass: 300 Weatherby/Once Fired Weatherby/37 Pieces Primed Brass...... $70 Brass: 338 Win Mag/Once Fired Federal Premium/17 Pieces......$15 Brass: 30-06/Once Fired Miscellaneous: 9 Federal/5 Remington...$10 Brass: 270/ Once Fired 6 Remington......$ Free All items located in SE Chandler
  3. For Sale: (1) Used STREAMLIGHT TLR-1s, gun mounted light. This was previously mounted on a Glock 21-C. $75 Located in SE Chandler I can e-mail or text a picture, its not letting me download one here.
  4. elkster9

    SOLD...Delete Please

  5. Tent and Stove are still available/PM with Offers
  6. elkster9

    SOLD...Delete Please

    Still Available
  7. elkster9

    SOLD...Delete Please

    Still available
  8. This setup is still available.
  9. elkster9

    9mm 700 rounds

    I have a buddy that will buy them. I will PM his # to you
  10. Colt, I'm looking to sell as a package but may consider separating in a few weeks, if no interest in both and someone else has interest in just the tent.
  11. For Sale: Brand new Seek Outside 4 Person Green Ultralight Tipi W/Medium Wood Stove/Half Liner. Still in original packaging, never setup. $1100 PM if Interested These take 4-6 weeks if you order online and are $1155.00 when ordered direct. Located in SE Chandler: Gilbert and Ocotillo Rd
  12. elkster9

    2 side X sides Honda Polaris

    Very nice
  13. elkster9

    SOLD...Delete Please

    Still Avail
  14. elkster9

    SOLD...Delete Please

    Still avail