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  1. nanoHunter

    Remington core lokt .243 100 gr ammo

    I will take it! DM incoming
  2. Doing some Winter Cleaning of the Garage: 1 Lot - 12 PCS .458 Hornady Win. Mag FACTORY - $20.00 1 Lot - 3 PCS AR15 Parts - $10.00 2 BXs - 7MM Rem. Mag. 150 Grain Core Lokt PSP FACTORY - $25.00 per box or ($40.00 for Both) 1 BX - 7mm Speer 130 Grain Boattail #1624 Bullets 47 pcs (partial) RELOADING - $10.00 1 BX - 7mm Sierra 140 Grain Spitzers #1910 Bullets 100 pcs RELOADING - $30.00 1 BX - 7mm Nosler Ballistic Tips 120 Grain Spitzers #28120 Bullets 39 pcs (partial) RELOADING - $10.00 1 BX - 6mm Nosler Partition 85 Grain Spitzers #16314 Bullets 41 pcs (partial) RELOADING - $20.00 1 BX - 6mm Barnes 75 Grain Spitzers #24365 Bullets 47 pcs (partial) RELOADING - $20.00 1 BX - 10mm Sig Sauer 180 Grain Hollow Point 17 pcs (partial) FACTORY - $20.00 - SOLD I am located in Glendale and go here and there on the West Valley. Thanks for looking. PM ME if Interested!
  3. Hello, Have a reloader that I would like to sell. Dillon XL 650 - $450.00 SOLD Dillion Square Deal B - $300.00 - SOLD $50 off each if you want both. Manuals for the XL 650, lots of misc knick knacks, and 2-3 sets of dies (need to verify, when pick up).
  4. Have some factory rounds sitting around. 38 - Ballistic Silvertip 36 - Power Point 74 - Rounds Total Looking for $100 for all.
  5. nanoHunter

    I Have returned...sorry for the delay

    That is awesome! Family hunts are the best.
  6. nanoHunter

    .270Win or Weatherby 7MM for Cow Hunt

    My wife will be using a .270 on her bull hunt. She is a great shot with it and is confident with it. I have had 2 issues this year with family members trying to tell us otherwise. Her father handing her an old winchester .270 with a not so great scope to use, for the hunt cause it family heirloom. Not really a caliber thing, but more of a the weight and not familar with it issue. I appreciatte the gesture, but she really enjoys her rifle that she has had quite a few years and she is really comfortable with it. Oh and the other was my dad trying to tell us that a .270 does not have enough knock down power for an elk (When I have watched my cousin use one for years and it has enough knockdown power.) Ugh! So, regardless to say she will be taking her .270 up and I am confident if I can get her on a bull she will close the deal. Hope you get a cow and look forward to pics Mike.
  7. nanoHunter

    2011 Unit 27

    Congrats! Nothing better than family time in forest...
  8. nanoHunter

    good ending to a long wait

    First of Congrats! Nice Bull. And I have to say that your story is a great testament to great sportsmanship. It is always great to meet other hunters and share an experience with them.
  9. nanoHunter

    Shot my elk this morning

    There is nothing like Elk meat in the freezer. Congrats! And Happy Birthday (Early)!
  10. nanoHunter

    2011 elk/Antelope tags

    My cousin and I drew 3042 Late Cow Elk Rifle 6B. Lord willing we can get some more meat in the freezer...
  11. nanoHunter

    2011 Draw Results

    Thanks, I guess that I have never seen it!!!! Cool now I know. Thanks everyone... @jdub - You have some nice elk in those trailcam pics. Great Job!!
  12. nanoHunter

    2011 Draw Results

    I understand members and guests. But what constitutes an anonymous user. I have been anonymous on other forums, but that because I am given the option. Amanda is this a new feature of the forum system? Or maybe one of the anonymous people can shed some light on it. Sorry guys I have to ask because I am bored... Thanks nano
  13. nanoHunter

    2010 AZ Archery Coues Deer Hunt

    Nice Deer! That is a trophy for sure. I really like your video, it shows the euphoric feeling that is felt when there is a great shot on a critter. It is also awesome that you got to spend time with someone in the blind and they got to witness and film all of it.
  14. nanoHunter

    Unit 1 Late Bull

    You have one more bull than I do! Great Job! A bull is a bull...meat in the freezer
  15. nanoHunter

    Lark's Aunt Georgetta's Elk

    I hope that I am on my 9th bull by the time I am 73. I have 9 to go... Way to go. Nice Bull.