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  1. rtkemp

    Lifesize Az lion finished up.

    Great work Dale! Looks fantastic!
  2. rtkemp

    Card hits??

    Its on. Hit for $25
  3. rtkemp

    Peep Sight Trouble

    Can you just remove the tube from a peep that was designed to have one?
  4. rtkemp

    Peep Sight Trouble

    Thanks for all the input. I already got the new Winners choice strings on. But will get rid of the factory PSE peep and go with the new Whisper Peep. I will stay with the tube and scuff up the peep a little. Can't wait to get shooting again. Thanks again
  5. I'm shooting a 2004 PSE Firestorm (single cam / 30") with the original factory proview angled peep sight with tube. I have had frequent trouble with this peep only over the last year. The peep tubing first began pulling off regularly and ended up replacing the tube and lengthening it, the gluing it to the peep. It eventually stayed on. Then later, the entire peep sight began pulling out during target practice (no dry firing). This happened several different times. Each time I would take it in to the shop and have a tech add threads the string. Now I just had my bow restringed and tuned. I have shot about 200 arrows and my peep sight started pulling out of alignment and eventually came out. I'm frustrated that I keep having probles with peep. What needs to happen? Change to a new sight? Change draw length? See a different shop? Any help would be appreciated...
  6. rtkemp

    newly found water soursce

    Dude, you are set for life there. So much for the hunt anymore
  7. rtkemp

    Coues Gender Identification

    Really.. ..... like how? please do explain? Yes, do explain. That was the reason I made the topic. I'm all for fun and games, but some legitamate help would be great. Thanks
  8. With the bucks dropping their racks, how do you tell bucks from does from their feet or legs? I see pics with deer feeding with their butts towards the camera and can't tell. Any insight would be appreciated.
  9. rtkemp

    small bucks

    All toads start somewhere. Those are trophies to some. I enjoy seeing bucks period. Thanks for sharing.
  10. You passed me just after the light out of Payson.
  11. I love the custom ideas. I have the bears feet, but will probably try the custom fleece
  12. rtkemp

    Finally They're UP

    Oh yea they are up
  13. rtkemp

    Turkey Hunting

    I will be heading up to unit 1 next month. Don't know weather to tell the wife i'll be hunting or skiing. Good luck to everyone
  14. rtkemp


    Congrats on a great buck. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. It helps all of us.
  15. rtkemp

    my first deer on the wall

    Congrats. He looks great. I'm still chasing my first wall ornament.