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  1. crittergetter

    Another price drop -Crispi Colorado GTX - $200 OBO

    Gilbert PM responses sent.
  2. crittergetter

    Another price drop -Crispi Colorado GTX - $200 OBO

    Another price drop. $200
  3. crittergetter

    Another price drop -Crispi Colorado GTX - $200 OBO

    Price lowered.
  4. crittergetter

    Last day success

    Nice buck! Congrats guys.
  5. Crispi Colorado GTX. SIZE 12. Regular width. Excellent condition . Purchased in August of 2020. ~ 20 miles on treadmill & ~ 20 miles in the field. $250 or best offer.
  6. crittergetter

    camp shower

    Here are some ideas from a few years ago.
  7. crittergetter

    Backpacking Sleeping bag recommendations

    You may want to look at quilts also. I have a Enlightened Equipment Revelation down quilt and love it. I use it with a Thermarest Neo Air sleeping pad. Light weight combo. The quilt is pricey but it’s light weight, packs small & is warm (depending on the temps).
  8. crittergetter

    Camp Showers

    How did you join the hoses? It ia a little hard to tell from the picture.A brass coupling like this one and a hose clamp. I forget the sizes. The female end comes attached to the sink sprayer hose.
  9. crittergetter

    Camp Showers

    I was tired of going to bed all sweaty so this is what I came up. It worked well on my deer hunt last Nov/Dec when the air temperature was cold at night. Buddy heater , PVC shower frame, shower curtain & rings, masonry mixing tub & a bug sprayer with kitchen sink sprayer attached. Crank up the Buddy Heater in the tent and heat up the water on the stove. It was nice going from a warm shower to a warm tent. The tent is a 10x14 Kodiak Canvas. Probably just use the sprayer outside of the tent when the air temp is warmer in Sept. Sprayer also works great on dishes. Cheap, reliable & effective.
  10. crittergetter


    Good to know. I bought a pair in October and have been very happy with them so far.
  11. crittergetter

    WTB Bivy

    Try this.
  12. crittergetter

    Bass pro gift card

    Check out www.alula.com
  13. crittergetter

    Hey Ryan....

    ....I found your hat in 24B. Actually, I think its a construction company named Ryan Companies. If this is your hat I can meet you in the Mesa area to give it back.
  14. crittergetter

    I found a GPS

    PM sent to huntscout