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  1. shanehamblin

    Looking for Vihtavuori N565

    Ttt we weren’t able to make it work we live on different sides of the state
  2. shanehamblin

    Looking for Vihtavuori N565

    Looking for a few pounds to play with. If you have some you’re willing to sell or trade let me know what you’re looking for maybe we can work something out
  3. shanehamblin

    Primer Trade PICTURE ADDED

    If you want to sell those cci br2 primers please let me know
  4. shanehamblin

    6CM 6.5CM .243Win 7RM Once Fired Brass

    Pm sent
  5. shanehamblin


    Will also buy it if there is any left
  6. shanehamblin

    6.5 PRC Dies

    Same here just canceled my order
  7. shanehamblin

    6.5 PRC Dies

    Ya I ordered some bullets from them that said they’d be here in may. Everything shows in stock
  8. shanehamblin

    Wtb 6.5 prc ammo

    Definitely check out unknown munitions.
  9. shanehamblin

    New 6.5mm 156 Berger Elite Hunter

    Me and my son both killed an elk and I killed a coues. Have done well for me in my PRC. The load I have worked up right now just got me through hunting season but hoping to tighten it up a bit.
  10. shanehamblin

    In Need of Swarovski Adapter

    They are junk. Get an outdoorsmans adapter and be done with it.
  11. shanehamblin

    Hodgdon powder H1000 H4831SC

    Pm sent
  12. shanehamblin

    H1000- 8lb. Jug 275.00 - SPF

    If anyone ever wants to do something like this in the future just save yourself the hassle of posting anything and just message me directly.
  13. shanehamblin

    Outdoorsmans micro pan head-price drop!

    Outdoorlife602 already sent payment. Thanks tho
  14. shanehamblin

    Sold please delete

    Pm sent