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  1. shanehamblin

    Outdoorsmans micro pan head-price drop!

    Outdoorlife602 already sent payment. Thanks tho
  2. shanehamblin

    Sold please delete

    Pm sent
  3. shanehamblin

    Kifaru sawtooth and medium box stove

  4. shanehamblin

    Kifaru sawtooth and medium box stove

    Yes stove folds up in the black case and is a touch over 5# with pipe and everything. Shelter is 4 1/2# with poles and stakes.
  5. shanehamblin

    Kifaru sawtooth and medium box stove

    Thanks man
  6. Dont want to do this but funding other projects. Bought 2 years ago. Set up 3 times. One of the times was in my back yard to apply seam sealant. Im asking 1000$ for both. If you are interested in one or the other just message me we can try and work something out. Also a picture for size reference.
  7. shanehamblin

    Fried elk steaks

    Chili cheese Fritos also make a good breading
  8. No takers on someone simply not being a moron and showing up to work? Good luck man
  9. shanehamblin

    Draw Deadline Has Passed

    True story
  10. shanehamblin

    Coues hunter or Coues Sniper?

    You stretched your 30-06 out to 300 yards with a fixed 4x scope? Didnt your grandpa tell you thats not very ethical and you should be sneakier and use a 30-30 with open sights?
  11. shanehamblin

    Early archery 27

    Premium hunts hands down