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  1. Silver Bullet

    22N Late Rifle

    I drew the hunt after yours and am looking forward to getting out there with my son (pack mule) for a repeat of the same hunt two years ago. I’ve been drawn for this late 22n bull hunt a number of times over the years and it’s just plain fun! Like others have said, it’s not a Unit that produces a wall hanger, but if you enjoy getting out in the hills with the possibility of bringing home some tasty elk meat then you will have a great time. For me, I say in a nearby hotel because the weather can be downright cold and nasty. What’s worked best for me is finding a great spot to glass away from the roads and sticking with that same spot day after day. Glass till your eyes can’t stand it…then glass some more. Let other hunters walk the hills and keep the elk moving. Just because you don’t see an elk in the first day…or forth day doesn’t mean they aren’t there…you just haven’t seen them yet. Hands down your best investment is a good pair of binoculars on a tripod. Glass across canyons and be prepared for a potential long shot. Get to your spot before the sun comes up, then stay there while glassing until legal shooting time is reached. Two years ago I shot a spike on the last day, and it was one tasty elk! Good luck and be safe.
  2. Silver Bullet

    Late Season Archery Bull tag Unit 22N

    If you plan on making hunting a passion for years to come, I suggest investing in a high quality pair of binoculars and a tripod. Locate your vantage points before the season starts. Hike to those spots way before the sun comes up. Make yourself comfortable and glass till your eyes can’t take it, then glass some more. Let your eyes do your hunting. Be prepared by having your gun sighted in for a long shot. It’s very possible you will be shooting across a canyon. Also having a range finder is a must have. I’ve had the December 22N hunt quite a few times, and again this year. Lots of hunters. Be patient. Good luck!
  3. Silver Bullet

    Any CWT want to do a SD fishing trip?

    A buddy and I are going on a 1.5 day trip on the Condor out of Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego in September. Boat leaves Wednesday evening at 7pm on the 8th, and returns Friday morning at 6am on the 10th. There’s a total of 37 spaces with just 4 booked so far. 37 passengers may seem like a lot, but this is a 88’ boat so I think there’s plenty of room (I think it sleeps 48). I’ve never fished this boat, but if you go on the BloodyDecks website (bdoutdoors.com) you will find nothing but great comments about the boat, captain and crew. Plus great fish counts. Just do a search for “Condor” with the link below. Hopefully the link works….. https://www.bdoutdoors.com/forums/forum/southern-california-offshore-fishing-reports/ Go to www.fishermanslanding.com to look at the schedule, fish counts and book your spot. Let’s fill this trip and go have a time!
  4. Silver Bullet

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    Just watched this video. AMAZING video and drone stuff. Lots of time went into this!
  5. Silver Bullet

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    So much difference one to to other. Most important is what do you want to do with the vehicle? If I had to choose just one all purpose 4x4 it would be the Jeep JK (4 door) with some modifications. However…I’m a realtor and needed to get down to one vehicle and from time to time need to put clients in my truck (I refuse to drive a car…sorry) which is the main reason I drive the Raptor. Fun…comfortable and has running boards so my customers can get in easy (I sell in an active adult community). Plus for me it’s a conversation piece that helps clients remember me. If I could have two vehicles, it would be the modified Jeep JK for hunting and off roading, then a pickup truck which doesn’t need to be a certain brand or a Raptor. H1…it’s a toy…not a daily driver and is expensive to repair if you can find someone who knows how to work on them. I bought my 1997 H1 from Kachina Cadillac on Scottsdale Rd as they were the dealer. GREAT service and they fixed everything under warranty no matter what the problem was….including me messing up off road. AZdiy asked about the width… I will say that width can be a blessing (stability) or a hinderance (can’t fit), but I’ve found my needs fit stability.
  6. Silver Bullet

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    I currently own a 2019 Raptor and love it, but it really depends on what you want out of any 4x4. I’ve owned a 97 Hummer H1, and a Jeep JK (modified) and enjoyed them both for different reasons. The H1 and the Jeep were great for off roading (both have been to Moab and run the Rubicon Trail and been pretty well used) but had to get down to one vehicle and decided to give the Raptor a try a couple years ago and still have it. Pros: Fast and fun to drive (0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds ain’t bad). Look great (so I think). Great suspension for on the road, and fast driving off road if that is your thing. Cons: Limited tow capacity. Limited off road capability (but better than a stock truck. It does have front and rear locking differentials which helps). That said, I was drawn for the late 22n bull hunt, and will be buying a used modified Jeep JK then sell it after the hunt…way too many boulders (not to mention the snow) where we go to risk getting stuck, etc…. Just buy what you want, then sell if you don’t like it. Life’s short.
  7. Silver Bullet

    Coconino NF to fully CLOSE Wednesday 6/23/2021

    Doesn’t show anything on their website about closing. I hope you’re right!
  8. Silver Bullet

    Finding ammo

    Trueshotgunclub.com in Tempe. They have plenty of stock in the most popular calibers.
  9. Silver Bullet

    Big Lake Fishing Question

    Hi all, We normally head up to Reservation Lake this time of year for some tent camping and just soaking some Rainbow PowerBait. But this time our plan has changed to camping at Winn Campground (which we’ve heard many positive things about the camp sites and camp hosts). My question is if anyone has tips on fishing Big Lake relaxing from shore (night crawlers or PowerBait)? Or should we fish a different nearby lake? We do catch and release. Thanks!
  10. Silver Bullet

    Let’s see them guns....

    No....this is my son on a mini gun. .50 cal barrel in the background.
  11. Silver Bullet

    Results up!

    Not archery. We got bull which starts Nov 30th. Doesnt matter what we were drawn for, just excited my 31 year old son is happy to take what limited vacation time he has to get out with his dad. Weve taken 4 bulls from this unit in the past, and some have resulted in tag soup. But my mind, all hunts have been successful.
  12. Silver Bullet

    Results up!

    Archery I assume. Plenty of good elk hammered just gotta work for them
  13. Silver Bullet

    2017 early archery video

    I was fully prepared to fast forward to the 3 minute mark like you mentioned, but I must say I was glued to the entire video as my dinner was burning on the stove. Brings back great memories of my own🤧.
  14. Silver Bullet

    Results up!

    22N November bull for my son and I. We are so excited just to get out and hunt together. Tag out...or tag soup....doesnt matter. Just happy to be out in the hills with my best bud!!!
  15. Silver Bullet

    Daughter takes her first archery Javi***UPDATED***

    A tie for 5th....how cool is that!!!! The only way I could come in 5th on anything is if there are only 5 entries....ha!