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  1. outdoor rush

    Swaro 8x56 10x56

    Shelvin, yes we do we have both the 8s and 10s.
  2. outdoor rush

    Swaro 8x56 10x56

    They are the same exact size as the 15's. And they are awesome!
  3. outdoor rush

    Swaro 8x56 10x56

    They are not, in fact, a new piece of glass from Swaro, but are finally available for order here in the States. They are special order only as well. Thank you!
  4. outdoor rush

    Outdoorsmans order

    Mule, if you provide me with an order number I can give you an update on your order and get this issue resolved. Thank you!
  5. outdoor rush

    Amanda, Clear out your inbox

    PRDATR please contact me at 480-570-7679 and I can help you with any concerns or problems you are having! I apologize for any issues you are having. Thank you Jake
  6. outdoor rush


    PM Sent
  7. outdoor rush

    Grand Opening

    Yes, sir, we do. We offer a 10% discount for military and LE. Thank you!
  8. outdoor rush

    Grand Opening

    Mulepackhunter, it is simple. We outgrew our other location. We ran out of room for product and the old building didn't have the shipping room that we needed. Also, the views out here are much better! Thank you!
  9. outdoor rush

    Grand Opening

    My bad Big Browns forgot I was on my account! This is for the Outdoorsmans! Thank you!
  10. outdoor rush

    Grand Opening

    This Saturday, November 18th the Outdoorsmans will be having our Official Grand Opening at our new location in Fountain Hills! Come join us for glassing seminars, talk to the optics reps, and enter to win some free optics! The event is from 9am-5pm at 16872 E. Ave of the Fountains unit 107! We are located directly across from the fountain and next door to All American Bar and Grill! Don't miss this event! Thank you! Jake
  11. outdoor rush

    Outdoorsman's Bino Adapter wobble fix

    Wampuscat, there is always going to be movement side to side in the binocular but it should not be the same with the knurled knob tightened down. If the movement is unchanged when you tighten the knob, check to make sure your stud isn't moving in the bino itself. Make sure to tighten down the set screw on the flange of the stud once the stud is in the bino. If you have any more questions feel free to call us here at the shop 1-800-291-8065. Thank you! Jake
  12. outdoor rush

    Swarovski spotting scopes

    The ATS/STS is a standard style spotting scope, meaning the body determines whether it is straight or angled and once you own that body you are pretty much stuck with that portion unless you purchase a whole new scope. The ATS/STS HD spotters have good glass in them but it is not Swaros top end glass. The ATX/STX Modular spotting scopes are Swaros brand new system. On these, the eyepiece determines whether it is a straight or angled spotter. Once the eyepiece is purchased you can choose a 65, 85, or 95 body to attach to it. These spotter do use Swaros top end glass just like their EL line of binos. Swaro also had to redesign in some ways the way they measure optical clarity with these scopes because they are of such high quality. The best part about the Modular series is they are actually usable through their entire power range, meaning on the 95 at 70 power it is just as clear as it is at 30. If it were me I would not buy any other spotter than the modular system. The accessories coming out for it like the BTX and the M.E. 1.7 make it the most versatile system available. I hope this helps, Jake
  13. outdoor rush

    Outdoorsmans is Hiring!

    If you live and breathe digital marketing, graphic design, and have an affinity for the outdoors, you have found your dream job. Outdoorsmans and Western Hunter are looking for a creative, big-picture thinker who can take both of these two great companies to the next level! Be a valued member of two companies that thrive in the outdoor landscape and are industry leaders in their respective fields. We are looking for a Multimedia Marketing & Design Specialist to develop, implement, track and optimize our digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels. *Click the link http://bit.ly/2pIDHDD to apply today!
  14. outdoor rush

    Fly Fishing Gear

    Great talking with you yesterday TJ! And thank you for the pontoon!
  15. outdoor rush

    Fly Fishing Gear

    PM sent on the Pontoon! Thank you