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  1. Marlin 30-30. I'll do $475 if you will meet me in Heber. I am in Mesa.

  2. Muleshoe Ranch area is a good place to hunt for Mule Deer.

  3. I used to hunt them after work just off Beeline. Just past the Rodeo Grounds on the Rez past the Verde River you will see a Tonto National Forest sign on the right. Go just past the sign and pull off and park.

    To the south a couple of hundred yards there is a ridge that runs east to west. On the south side of it there are about three ridges that run off of it to the south towards the river. I have taken Javeinla in there a long time ago.

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      Thanks for the info....I appreiate it!

  4. Can you send me a picture of the Ruger? Not sure about tomorrow but I could most likely meet on thursday.

    CHris 602-499-0610

  5. Kevin,

    Send Ernesto a PM, I know he gets some sort of insurance when we go hunting in Mexico.

  6. I've looking at them fo rmy son. Where did you find them for $180? That is a great price.