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  1. Tucson John

    2017 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Ranch Edition

    why are you selling it?
  2. Tucson John

    2018 Archery Coues Buck

    Wow! Great job Will! Nice Buck!
  3. Tucson John

    Hunting license

    On line is not working!
  4. Tucson John

    My Bitter Sweet Wyoming Antelope

    Great story TJ! Congratulations.......as it all seemed to work out. Sadie misses Lexie!
  5. Tucson John

    Late Archery and First Bull

    Good job Buddy!
  6. Tucson John

    Happy birthday TJ !!!

    Yeah Dude! have a good one!
  7. Tucson John

    He's home

    Nice! Yep Weller's has done three of mine......they do awesome work and are really nice people!
  8. Tucson John

    A Few Desert Muleys

    Very Impressive! Welcome!
  9. Tucson John

    March Madness

    Incredible as always! Thanks Doug!
  10. Tucson John

    Lamp shades

    one sick puppy
  11. Tucson John

    Wear the green

    Yum! What time should I be over?
  12. Tucson John

    Will I have any friends ?

    what he said only the other way around.......I went to U of A and my girls went to ASU. Go Wild Devils!
  13. It always amazes me the vocabulary our fury friends have!
  14. Tucson John

    Sandhill Cranes at Whitewater Draw

    Awesome stuff Amanda! I really like the pic's with the orange background...........suitable for framing! TJ