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  1. bowsniper

    Roof Recoating Reference in Tucson

    I have the same need for my house in Phoenix. Thanks, Mark
  2. bowsniper

    Any private pilots here?

    I learned at the old Glendale airport. I think it was 1300' with power lines at both ends of the runway!
  3. You can be sure that it will be back in five years.
  4. bowsniper

    Mid Life/wife crisis Question

    And a new wife.
  5. Good luck to those who attend the meeting. Let me quote a commissioner a few years ago when about 30 bow hunters showed up to a public G&F meeting in North Phoenix before an important vote: Game & Fish Commissioner to bow hunters: "You each have 3 minutes, then the microphone will be turned off. Do not repeat or re-state comments or points already stated by a previous speaker". He did not say this, but this is what happened when we got our 3 minutes: "While you are speaking, we will start eating our lunch, do some texting, make a few calls on our cell phones, talk among ourselves, or just leave and go to the bathroom so we can completely ignore you, because we have already made our decision long before you showed up." This all happened after the commission let Sandy Bahr of the Sierra Club speak for 21 minutes.
  6. Good point and I agree. But, with AZ G&F you are presumed guilty until proven innocent.
  7. Seems pretty obvious to me: https://www.azgfd.co...icle-3-NPRM.pdf Page 34 A person shall not use any trail camera, or images from a trail camera, for the purpose of taking or aiding in the take of wildlife within one-fourth mile (440 yards) of the outer perimeter of a developed water source. THE LINK ON THE G&F WEB SITE NO LONGER WORKS! INTERESTING.......................
  8. There is a logical reason for this new rule: Game cameras at water holes spread chronic wasting disease!
  9. You can write to the commission members today. Go to AZGFD.com and click on commission. But if you go off on a tangent like panties and crapping in the woods I am sure they will ignore you. But, after all of that yammering you guys are just internet blowhards and just want to see your post count get larger. It would probably be better if you didnt speak to the commission. It doesn't matter how professionally you conduct yourself, you will be ignored if your opinion does not agree with their agenda.
  10. You really missed the boat. My point was not corn, my point was that public input to game and fish is a pathetic fallacy.
  11. IT IS ALREADY OVER. Good luck voicing your opinion to the commission. Five years ago about 20 of us went to commission meeting about the corn ban. (Agree or disagree, by law, the commissioners are suppose to accept public input). After 3 hours of the commission letting others speak 10 and 15 minutes, (Sandra Bahr of the Sierra Club got 20 minutes), the Commissioners let us speak about our issue, and stipulated these special rules for us: No longer than three minutes or the microphone would be turned off; and "don't repeat any information or point that was already voiced by someone else". We started taking our turns at speaking, and then the commissioners started eating their lunch, texting, or chatting among themselves in low voices. One commissioner just got up and left. We were wasting our time speaking to the walls. I was shocked at the arrogance and disrespect to the hunters voicing their opinion. They could had at least made eye contact with the speakers. If you think that I am making this stuff up, I'm sure that there are a few guys still on the forum that can verify.
  12. Lower success rates = more tags to sell = more revenue Per the hunt guidelines, if hunt success rates go down, then tag numbers also go down. When success is high, they raise the tag numbers because it is an indication of abundance. Empirically that may be true when you don't change the hunting conditions (rules), and you compare apples to apples. But now, when you change the rules you can't make a valid comparison. I think most guys would agree that their cameras help improve success. Now, when you eliminate cameras, less success would lead to an increase in population, which would require more harvests to keep the population in balance. To increase the harvest without using cameras any more, would require an increase in tags, which produces more revenue. They have done it before: a few years back, G&F reduced the bull rut archery tags, but then increased the November archery bull tags, 3 more tags for each rut tag that was eliminated. The November success rate is much lower, so they increased the tags AND the revenue.
  13. Lower success rates = more tags to sell = more revenue
  14. Five years ago when they banned corn, lots of people on this website had the same apathetic attitude.
  15. It's not about cameras, it's about control and revenue. Mr. "Old School", I can't wait to hear you whining when G&F passes the next rule banning some "old school" stuff.