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  1. Ringer

    Tire update - Nitto's response

    Not good news. I have run Nittos on the last four trucks and have around 25000 on my Tundra set now. Have to wonder if this is going to happen to me.
  2. Ringer


    I am 100% pro cattle and for the ranchers. They keep the waterholes built and in general are helpful because their cattle need water just like the animals I hunt. Those cows can drink up a lot of water so it is best to hunt elsewhere when they are rotating them around the units. I like beef.
  3. Ringer


    Well, 20 years ago saw only one or two hikers. Last year we saw 20-30 and had to take two ladies to Mormon Lake lodge because one had twisted her ankle. Seemed like they streamed by the water holes just at best light and sat down to relax 30 feet from my blind. They used to rotate the cattle more but last year there was just a lot of head there screaming and yelling. There were still elk around but they moved off of Pine Mountain and Wild Horse. I don't consider hikers an issue as they have every right to walk around. You just have to adapt to find the elk.
  4. Ringer


    Pine Mountain used to be great. The cows are a problem but the hikers killed the hunting there. Those little AZ Trail signs all over and people walking by the water holes filling up their filter bottles right after 20 cows crapped and peed in it. I saw elk there but nothing like the old days. There were a lot more cattle in the unit than I have ever seen.
  5. Ringer


    I've eaten moose, elk, deer, rabbit, squirrel, mountain lion, bear, bison, sheep, javelina and a lot of other animals. Maybe open a season for horses and burros and try them out.
  6. Ringer


    How do you feel about a new program to allow the slaughter of wild horses and burros? That alone would improve the entire spectrum of wildlife here. They are invasive species and need to be culled for pet and human food.
  7. Ringer

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    Big diesel trucks have big brakes so think about stopping. A guy in our bass club almost died pulling a fifth wheel and his Skeeter. Tires blew going downhill from Globe and the boat went sideways and pulled the trailer around. He got stopped but said if there was any traffic he would have been in deep shat. Just be careful and take it easy.
  8. Ringer


    Some people just deserve a good beating. Thanks for clearing this up Jim.
  9. Ringer


    Bet he doesn't eat meat. Then again maybe he does.
  10. Ringer


    Wow! That list is the who's who of enemies of hunters and fishermen. More cows, more cows, more cows!!
  11. Ringer


    That's it. Thanks for the heads up. I am writing letters to advocate for more cattle in 23.
  12. Ringer

    Love snakes, but not these ones!!!!

    One that size tried to bite my dog in the back yard. Skinned it and scraped it and put it in glycerin and rubbing alcohol for 4 days then tacked it to a beautiful piece of cedar and hung it on the wall. The dog flips his paw at it.
  13. Ringer

    Dental Work

    If you want to make sure I would see Dr. Kieth Kennedy at Power Ranch Dental. He is a bass fisherman and helped me and the wife out on some work. If nothing else he can give you an estimate to compare. He is honest and a great dentist. We have had some hard times since the crash and I still pay for dental work here. My employees have done the Mexico thing and seem pretty happy with it so if you do it ask about dentists there that people here have used and trust. Good luck.
  14. Ringer

    Benelli Super Black Eagle 12 gage

    Benelli is SOLD!
  15. Ringer

    Any boat guys want to give advice?

    Get a fish and ski model and the motor is most important. Low hours around 200 or so is best. If you find one you like I would pay Ken at Holiday Mobile Marine to go over and check out the engine and transom. That or ask the owner to take it to Performance or Martin Marine for a compression test and evaluation. I prefer double axle trailers and use the GoJacks from Harbor Freight to move it around. Make sure it will fit in the garage with the boat and trailer length. Lots of good used boats but also plenty that people get rid of for a reason. If the owner refuses a lake test I would run fast. Good luck.