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  1. Ringer

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    2" on my truck in Fountain Hills at 4:00 this morning.
  2. Ringer

    CC Hit

    Mine was hit last year in 3/2 so that is correct. There is always hope until that time.
  3. Ringer

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Daughter just texted from Payson. The power is out. Thankful that I put a woodstove in their house and they have a couple of cords of seasoned firewood. How do people with gas and electric heat survive the night?
  4. Ringer

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Daughter just sent me pix from Payson and the snow at least 12" in her yard.
  5. Ringer

    Firewood Run

    Berry Brothers on Washington has good dry split wood. I used to buy loads of eucalyptus from them.
  6. Ringer

    Alaska fishing trip recommendations

    I have been fishing in Alaska 26 times. I am going to fish the Nushagak river out of Dillingham week of June 17th. That is prime for King salmon and the best king fishing in Alaska. We can catch 100 fish a day for four of us and all in the 20 to 50 pound class. You might want to try Sitka in late May or June. Beautiful town and the best scenery in Alaska. Kings, halibut, lingcod. Most people fly to Anchorage and drive to Soldotna and Homer for salmon and halibut but that is a zoo and I only did that three trips. July and August for silver salmon. Have fun.
  7. I didn't see anything about hunting but maybe they have something in the can for that. Would be nice to see what the proposal is that will save hunting.
  8. Welcome back Red. Figured you were in on this.
  9. Bassinix are you that Redpecker guy that was trying to help Pete's group get tags to sell last year? Did we meet at the BPS meeting during that MDF meeting?
  10. Did they ever consider a habitat stamp for $5 a year? It would raise a ton of money, not hurt the average hunter and keep creeps like Cimellero aways from getting anything else to mess with our system.
  11. Ringer

    Where to?

    I would just go up and find a place with high trees and start calling the night before the hunt to find some roosted birds. Set up at first light and call them in. If I did scout it would be fairly close to the date of the hunt.
  12. Ringer

    Custom gun safe.

    $500. Someone must need a heavy safe.
  13. Ringer

    Custom gun safe.

  14. Ringer

    Custom gun safe.

    $600 and maybe a trade for a gun of equal value.
  15. Ringer

    Custom gun safe.

    Have no idea why some photos are sideways and text is off. Anyway you get the drift.