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  1. Ringer

    Cleaning house

    Penn reel and ammo are sold. Jack and bumper part are still available.
  2. Ringer

    ATV ramp.

    Anyone need a 3 fold aluminum ATV ramp? I donated my ATV last week and don't need it. $50 and in great condition. Used it for my Honda onto my Tundra. 480-620-2853.
  3. Ringer

    Cleaning house

    $50 for all the ammo and $150 for the Penn reel.
  4. Ringer

    Cleaning house

    Plastic ammo boxes in great condition. 50 shells per full layer with 2 trays per box. Lots of 38 ammo and few others. It is at my shop in the Scottsdale Airpark.
  5. Ringer

    Cleaning house

    One box of 2 and BB is steel the other is lead 4 and 6.
  6. Ringer

    Cleaning house

    I have some ammo and a new Hilift 60" jack with a bumper lift. Also a Penn International 30SW reel with fighting belt and 3 gaffs. The ammo is 2,4,6 and BB in 2 3/4" and 3" with 2 ammo boxes. There is also 3 rounds of Federal 308 winchester, 48 rounds of CCI 22LR, 7 hollow point and 20 copper tip in 38 special, 12 round of Hornady 380 auto XTP hollow point, 45 rounds of Winchester 38 super +P, 49 rounds of Winchester 38 super +P hollow point, 18 rounds of Peters 38 super copper tip, 39 rounds of UMC 38 special and 100 rounds of Remington 38 S&W solid tip. I would like to get $50 for the jack and bumper lift, $200 for the Penn reel, belt and gaffs, and $75 for all the ammo in one lot. 480-620-2853. ammosale1.pdf ammosale2.pdf ammosale3.pdf
  7. Ringer

    Tonto FS road closure plan

    Doesn't really matter. No one on my 5bs hunt paid a bit of attention to the closure. If they had log pieces across the road they were moved. I put them back and they were moved again.
  8. Ringer


    We run from Wahweap up to Rock Creek and Last Chance bays. Long run but at 70mph not so bad. Tons of smallies, largemouth, stripers and plenty of walleye.
  9. Ringer


    Go to Powell. The walleye there are nice size and there is no limit. I caught a dozen last trip on my Texas rig power worms when I was bass fishing. Good eating.
  10. Ringer


    Mark- my favorite too. The quail are everywhere and was wishing we had the shotguns. Let us know how you do and what you catch them on. It was really cool to be one of only two boats on the lake. Have fun. Next trip for me will be to Roosevelt.
  11. Ringer


    It was cold but not one bite or fish on the screen. The tournament at Roosevelt was won Saturday with 13.4 pounds and the top 27 boats all had a 5 bass limit. I think that Apache is a waste of time but have at it.
  12. Ringer


    Terrible! Went down to the lake Saturday to try it out since the fish kill. Was hoping to get a few bites. Only one other boat on the entire lake. Fished ten of our best spots and got only one bite and zero fish. I scoped a few fish but very few. Saw a couple of small crappie flipping. I think it will be a while before that lake is fishable again. Sad to see the marina closed up. I hope G&F are stocking the lake and it comes back soon.
  13. Ringer

    Mission Crossbow for Sale $2,000 obo

    Mike- tell him to google his crossbow. $1599 to $1699 new with the package.
  14. Ringer

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    Years ago one of the guys on azbasszone was quail hunting near Horseshoe lake with his pup. Had a backpack on and a lion got up and pushed him down while biting the backpack. He shot it with his shotgun. Never know.
  15. Ringer

    travel management

    From what I saw last year in 5BS not many people give a hoot anyway. People were moving stumps and driving wherever they wanted on closed roads. This entire thing is unenforceable.