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  1. Ringer

    Where to get 4 inch foam for cot

    Arizona Foam or H&R Fabrics.
  2. Ringer

    Clothing Gear for Alaska?

    Buddy booked the flights and the lodge so I had nothing to do with it. He was taking me and his 2 sons. I told him to wait to book but he inherited $10 million so he didn't care. It's nice to have rich friends when you are a broke old man.
  3. Ringer

    Clothing Gear for Alaska?

    Who did you fish with in Sitka? One of my favorites. Had a trip booked for this year and the lodge just closed down without any communications at all. We sent dozens of emails and made dozens of phone calls. They did tell us when we first called that we had solid dates booked. My buddy was paying for the trip and had booked first class tix for 4 for 6 grand and they would only give him credits. I have always fished with Mike Arthur of World Class Sportfishing but my buddy booked so oh well.
  4. Ringer

    Clothing Gear for Alaska?

    Been fishing there for 27 trips all over. I wear jeans and short rubber boots, wool shirt, coat and Helly Hansen or Grundens raingear. The raingear is the most important part. Sitka can be warm and beautiful or pouring down rain. Love fishing there for salmon, halibut and huge lingcod. You will have a blast.
  5. Ringer

    Poaching ring busted

    I had a Mexican guy working in my shop a few years ago. Said he had to go to court for poaching. Told me he and his neighbors would drive the trails with spotlights and kill all the deer they wanted until he was busted doing it. Said in Mexico they just went out and killed whatever they wanted. I told him he was not in Mexico then I fired his a$$.
  6. Ringer

    Gila wilderness bulls.

    Here's one I killed years ago.
  7. Ringer

    Any recent Rosey reports?

    We sucked. Not one bite for me and Nummie had one blow up on a buzzbait. We spent all our time in the trees on the Tonto end and the water was 20'. Mainly just wanted to run the old gas out of my boat. Had a nice day and only spent a couple of hours on the lake. Nummie had to take it easy on his heart so I had to launch and load by myself so was just worn out. Should have gone farther up to shallow water but we were just messing around and drinking some beer. Still had fun after 3 years of not fishing because of my wife's cancer.
  8. Ringer

    Any recent Rosey reports?

    Nummie and I are going to try it Sunday. We were going last Saturday but Liars Corner tourney had 100 boats both days.
  9. Ringer

    Results are up.

    Well, I was sure we drew 5BS bull tags but it turns out we drew archery cow. That is OK with us. We are both 73 so likely our last archery hunt and probably our last elk tags.
  10. Ringer

    Card Hits!

    So, a good friend that is a lot younger and a great hunter is going up with us for the entire hunt. My old buddy has decided to go and hunt with him. Said if he strokes out just to quarter him and put him in the cooler.
  11. Ringer

    Card Hits!

    Got hit last night for archery bull in 5BS. Now my hunting buddy developed a heart problem and can't go to any altitude so he will burn his last tag ever. We are both 73. Wife died last year so I will spend as long as it takes while I can still pull the bow. Not likely to draw another elk tag before I take the dirt nap. I have hunted the unit for the last 35 years and will enjoy the ride.
  12. Ringer

    Duplicate tag

    Thanks. I will visit G&F. Plenty of time.
  13. Ringer

    Duplicate tag

    Wife passed away in July so living at a buddy's place. I had his address on the tag but he was forwarding his mail so they don't forward government mail. How do you get a duplicate tag? Tag never got here. Thanks.
  14. Ringer

    Turkey Decoys

    Decoys are a PITA to haul around. I use a box call and a mouth call and it isn't that hard to get a horny tom running to you. You can also just start walking to another location. I would try not using them and if you don't have any luck then try using a couple. I have a hunt in unit 1 and just think turkeys are a blast to hunt. Good luck on your hunt.
  15. Ringer

    First time

    Put True Glo turkey sights on your gun. Bright fiber optics that just snap on. Drive round at dusk using a box call for hen sounds and they will gobble to tell the dumb woman to get her butt up in a tree. They will be in the same tree in the morning so get set up before first light. When it's just light enough to see use the box call and he should gobble back. Hold tight and keep quiet for a bit then call again, If he gobbles closer he is on the way and they can cover a lot of ground quick. Have the gun up on your knee and ready to fire when he gets to you. Aim for the head. Fun hunting and good luck.