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  1. ultramag

    How is the elk hunting?

    I was tough in 5bs for us as well.. I didn't find them in the usual spots.. The ones I did find were call shy and didn't bugle hardly at all.. Our camp did manage 2 bulls and a cow.. All taken off water..
  2. ultramag

    Roosevelt Lake looks like a pond

    SRP is not trying to make room because they think it's going to rain.. The lake just hasn't had any good run off in the past few years.. The draw down is just water usage in the valley for irrigation and such.. Hopefully elnino kicks in and fills it back up..
  3. ultramag

    5B North Bulls

    The cows are in massive herds like 200 or so in that area.. No small herds.. The Bulls are like you saw. Then a week before the hunt everything changes.. The big cow herds get broken up and all bets are off.. Your scouting just tells you where water is and the lay of the land.. Everything changes just before the hunt..
  4. ultramag


    That place does get busy.. How were the mosquitoes last year?? They ate us alive in 2013 when we had a tag.
  5. ultramag

    berger vld

    I got the 95gr to shoot 1/2 groups.. Never tried the 105s..
  6. ultramag

    Trigger Replacement

    Love my timney triggers.. Very easy to install.
  7. ultramag

    243 question

    Near max h4831sc with a 95g berger...2950fps 1/2 groups..
  8. ultramag

    Eberlestock J105 backpack

    Could you send me a PM with you phone number.. I have a friend that wants this pack..
  9. I have the same feeling... These wolf people are completely nuts.. Almost like a religion type..I follow them on FB I have a hard time believing this wolf traveled 1k miles.. I would be more convinced about someone putting it here..
  10. ultramag

    Barrel swap

    I have good things about them.. Thanks trying to do my homework..
  11. ultramag

    Coyote problem in 36b

    Lots of food for them to eat...
  12. ultramag

    Lost elk tag

    Ok so I have wondered about this for awhile. So your saying that if I got drawn for a tag I could go to any dealer and get a new one..even on draw hunts?? That's good to know..
  13. ultramag

    Barrel swap

    Thanks just what I was looking for
  14. ultramag

    Barrel swap

    Without the cost of the barrel.. Chambering trueing the action basicly everything involved in installing a custom barrel. Here's what I got. 700 rem short action, .270wsm. HS stock..what I want is a 6.5x300 WSM, I know the ballpark of what the barrel costs.. What I don't know is what the smith will charge.. Looking for a quality job with everything that is required for this swap..