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  1. Hunterjohnny

    How come this stuff never makes news in AZ???

    Yup I got that. It just struck me funny picturing a knife-gun. I was choosing humor over the reality that this whole situation. Dirt bag chooses to be difficult I have no sympathy for him getting an extra reminder that he was wrong, looking like the cop lied and abused his powers bad move on his part. I have never been in this situation because I comply with what I am asked with law enforcement. We have them because we as a society created them. You will never win by following this criminals example.
  2. Hunterjohnny

    How come this stuff never makes news in AZ???

    Wait.....you can shoot them with a knife? Not bullets?
  3. Hunterjohnny

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    HA! So true, just ask the Cornbagger!
  4. Hunterjohnny

    3 shots, 3 Trophies

    My daughter always has her action figure "Cliff Hanger" to pose wherever she travels.
  5. Hunterjohnny

    Lost another great one!

    Amazing skills, he was amazing.
  6. Where abouts you located?

  7. Hunterjohnny

    WTB 38 Special

    I did get the Taurus, nice meeting you Don. Thanks everyone.
  8. Hunterjohnny

    WTB 38 Special

    That is a nice looking pistol. If something changes I’ll let you know, thanks.
  9. Hunterjohnny

    WTB 38 Special

    I'm in Mesa, work on the west side of phoenix. Barring anything crazy I am planning on taking the Taurus above.
  10. Hunterjohnny

    What is it with the 87 and wrong way drivers?

    Just watched someone drive by the wrong way on the access road on the 17! How do you not know your doing it! No cars at that time so he just cruised on through.
  11. Hunterjohnny

    WTB 38 Special

    I see a Model 85 not an 83, could that be it? I might be interested.
  12. Hunterjohnny

    WTB 38 Special

    I am looking for a small revolver in 38 special. Thinking Ruger LCR or Smith & Wesson J Frame. It needs to be hammerless. The plan is for a purse carry (not mine) that is super simple. Let me know if anyone has something like this that they are wanting to part with. Thanks.
  13. Hunterjohnny

    Unknown scat

    Yes! I'm in a club!
  14. Hunterjohnny

    Sleeping Cots

    That must be why there are bottles of water in the desert, in case they get thirsty on the trek carrying a cot!
  15. Hunterjohnny

    health alert for gentry

    Talked with my doctor yesterday and made this switch. I've never experienced any bad effects other than that dry cough that comes with it. But since I was concerned he switched it out.