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  1. Hunterjohnny

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    Pretty much what I figured all the noise I couldn’t see was. Throw in a Yeti and that’s my walk, in my mind! Seriously hate walking back alone in the dark.
  2. Hunterjohnny

    Credit Cards

    Desert Schools and never been an issue or flagged. But multiple cards sounds like a solid plan also.
  3. Hunterjohnny

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Well that should make you feel better about out running yourself!
  4. Hunterjohnny


    PM sent
  5. You guys have it going on! I have a farm in Stanfield that I have always hunted and it had very few birds this year. How do you find these spots? I see lots of agriculture but isn't most of that in some city limits?
  6. Hunterjohnny

    Where is I?

    We would catch the biggest bluegills there by the boat load! Thanks for the flash back.
  7. Hunterjohnny

    Interarms Mark X Mannlicher

    Not a fan of those stocks but that is a beautiful rifle! Good luck.
  8. Hunterjohnny

    Raffle bull

    Raffle tags dont include the rez do they?
  9. Hunterjohnny

    Outfitters that guide in 24B?

    AZ Hotshots?
  10. Hunterjohnny


    That is so cool! Just the look on peoples faces when you pull it out would be priceless!
  11. Hunterjohnny

    Stoeger condor

    I am interested in the Marlin if it's still available.
  12. Hunterjohnny

    The Draw ?

    Like Bingo! I love it!
  13. Hunterjohnny

    What is this?

    Cooper or Copper
  14. Hunterjohnny

    Mazaltan wilderness

    My experience there is that the lower areas get hammered. And the rest will eat you alive. The thick vegetation is almost impossible to get through or even see very far. I'm sure if you spent enough time in there you could find some good spots, but man you are going to pay the piper doing it.
  15. Hunterjohnny

    Check Those Mailboxes!

    Much better than my unit with 700 tags in one hunt!