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  1. Hunterjohnny

    Uh oh...

  2. Hunterjohnny

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    Fake News!
  3. Hunterjohnny

    Wtb concealed carry pistol

    Ruger EC9 fits in pocket and has been a great shooter. It is the LC9 but flat black finish. Like $250 last I looked.
  4. Hunterjohnny

    Del-ton DT Sport Lite AR w/ a few accessories

    Wow, just got tough to sell an AR! If your interested PM and discuss, why attack? Another internet bully period.
  5. Hunterjohnny

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    6a has blown all night, I have shaken baby syndrome and it’s still going. But not much rain.
  6. Hunterjohnny

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    6A has been light rain off and on since last night. But the wind is something else it is the killer. Here’s hoping for a little snow tonight! Good luck everyone. PS. 1:00 am keep waiting for the trailer to lift off to Oz. Canopy and Ezup are destroyed, not much rain now but I can’t even stand outside it’s blowing so hard, I pity the guys in tents down the road.
  7. Hunterjohnny

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    So if your camped in the forest and they close the roads how do you get out? Is there a physical gate they close?
  8. Hunterjohnny

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    6A? I'll be up there, looks to be a rough opening day but good after that. We gotta beat that storm in though!
  9. Hunterjohnny

    Shed dog

    My daughter has been working with her GSP with antlers in the yard and he finds them every time, so hopefully he is ready for the big leagues.
  10. Hunterjohnny

    Hey! what is this white stuff?

    Heading to 6A Wed, looks like some intersting weather rolling around next week. That hunt is so crowded I hope it keeps some inside.
  11. Hunterjohnny

    6 - 400” bulls - Can it be done?

    You guys ruin so many threads!
  12. Hunterjohnny

    6a Muzzy bull

    Good luck, been such nice weather too! I'm going in two weeks for rifle so save one for me, young ones are fine.
  13. Hunterjohnny

    Is this safe to eat?

    At a minimum the dogs would love it!
  14. Hunterjohnny

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    Pretty much what I figured all the noise I couldn’t see was. Throw in a Yeti and that’s my walk, in my mind! Seriously hate walking back alone in the dark.
  15. Hunterjohnny

    Credit Cards

    Desert Schools and never been an issue or flagged. But multiple cards sounds like a solid plan also.