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  1. Hunterjohnny

    Covid 19 SUCKS.

    Sorry to hear about bad luck on top of bad luck. There are a lot of prayers in this group it makes a difference, hang in there.
  2. Hunterjohnny

    What am i?

    Mountain Lion?
  3. Hunterjohnny

    Left Over List

    You don't burn bonus points for the leftovers, correct?
  4. Hunterjohnny

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    I did not know him but that is sad, the family will hurt a long time. Prayers sent.
  5. Hunterjohnny

    Bush Fire Destruction.

    Boy that did get close to some houses. Thanks for the pics.
  6. Hunterjohnny

    Blue Ridge Reservoir

    Grew up fishing from the pump house by Washington Park on down to the third crossing. My folks still have a place there. Did you know they ran that pipe to Payson?
  7. Hunterjohnny

    WTB: Ruger Mini 14 Wood Stock (blued or SS) *** FILLED ****

    I'll dig mine out and shoot you the info tonight if I can. I never shoot it might as well reinvest the money.
  8. Hunterjohnny

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    "first time offense on beating a peace officer butt is a slap on the wrist" The fact that yo think beating a LEO is ok cuz its a slap on the wrist speaks volumes.
  9. Hunterjohnny

    Doves and pellet guns

    I am having luck with something a little different. I am hanging CD's, old DVD's anything I don't need anymore on a swivel and fishing line from tree branches. They move around and flash light really well. It has worked real well so far, even I get blinded once in a while.
  10. Hunterjohnny

    Lake Powell

    Is the lake filling up?
  11. Hunterjohnny

    Woods Canyon Lake

    Not one single crawdad!
  12. Hunterjohnny

    Woods Canyon Lake

    Well we went up Wed morning and it was already crowded. Of course maintained campgrounds are closed so everyone was spread out. Woods Canyon Store is open, restroom clean, and you can dump trash at the dumping station. Down the road there are dumpsters overflowing all over its not being picked up there for some reason. Fishing was over crowded the whole time, when did Woods Canyon become a bluegill lake, only caught a couple trout. Next day we shot up to Black Canyon lake. Lake is full, very few people. Since there is no dumpster everyone filled the restrooms with trash with a little walkway inside to an overflowing toilet. Nastiest restroom ever and that says a lot. By Friday it was a solid line of people driving looking for spots, and side by sides racing around. Made the wife mad by going over a campsite and letting them know there were no campfires, they thought they were special and were the only ones allowed, just couldn't let it be. They laughed at me until I put my phone to my ear (no reception back there) then they doused it. I lived in Pine a few years and remember not liking weekends in the summer because of all the extra traffic, but the whole town of Payson was such a traffic nightmare I understand the dislike of Flatlanders, what a mess. Thanks for all the tips, hope this helps someone else trying to get away a weekend.
  13. Hunterjohnny

    Woods Canyon Lake

    I too have lost the desire to be at Woods Canyon, always too many people for me. But my wife hasnt been fishing in years ans remembers the fun when the kids were growning up. So we will get this out of her system and move on. I have always had a soft spot for Black Canyon Lake, no idea how that looks these day. Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it. I get really anxious without a solid plan in my head.
  14. Hunterjohnny

    Woods Canyon Lake

    Heading up Wednesday to camp somewhere past the lake in the dispersed camping area. Want to do a test run on a new to us trailer and get out of the Valley for a few days. Wanting to know if anyone has been to the lake recently? Can you still get to the lake to fish? I cant not fish up north, that is part of the mental reset. I am assuming the store parking lot is blocked off, didn't know if there was anywhere to get down and wet a line. Let me know if you have any info, thanks in advance.
  15. Hunterjohnny

    Their foot is in the door!

    It's nothing new. Has been going on for years and years and will continue. I agree it's happening but don't believe we can stop it. The money that runs the country will continue down this path and it doesn't matter which corrupt person we elect the whole system is a big money whore and wont allow change. Or not.