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  1. Hunterjohnny

    Sharing a deal

    That's a good deal, thanks.
  2. Hunterjohnny

    Go Get 'Em

    A very slow morning for sure. Something was off not sure what but it was slow if I cant shoot a box of shells!
  3. Hunterjohnny

    WTB Fishing Kayak

    Sportsmans and Bass Pro are cleaned out too. I was amazed at the emptiness!
  4. Hunterjohnny

    Welfare check

    Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetle....
  5. Hunterjohnny

    Truck Topper for Sale (SOLD)

    SOLD Thanks
  6. Hunterjohnny

    Truck Topper for Sale (SOLD)

    Off a 2001 Ford F250 short bed. Red paint is peeling in spots. Nice high topper with carpet lining. Has new struts and side window access. Bad part is no keys, didn't have them when I bought the truck and still doesn't. Solid shell just dont need it sitting in the way. Aprox measurements 75" x 84". PM me if interested I'd like to get it gone so I can get my trailer back in that spot. Asking $400 might consider a trade. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hunterjohnny

    Dove Scouting. Seen any?

    Finally going to go to Yuma to see what the fuss is all about. Going in blind but am hopeful.
  8. Hunterjohnny

    Criminal Bear

    Had to be a black bear, no one does it to polar bears!
  9. Hunterjohnny

    leica duovids @15x vs. geovids 15x56R

  10. Hunterjohnny

    AGFD - Countdown to Dove Season

    It is getting harder to find spots every year, I would like to go to Yuma once just to see what it's like.
  11. Hunterjohnny

    What am i?

    Mountain Lion?
  12. Hunterjohnny

    Left Over List

    You don't burn bonus points for the leftovers, correct?
  13. Hunterjohnny

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    I did not know him but that is sad, the family will hurt a long time. Prayers sent.
  14. Hunterjohnny

    Bush Fire Destruction.

    Boy that did get close to some houses. Thanks for the pics.
  15. Hunterjohnny

    Blue Ridge Reservoir

    Grew up fishing from the pump house by Washington Park on down to the third crossing. My folks still have a place there. Did you know they ran that pipe to Payson?