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  1. EAS

    Sold remove

  2. EAS

    Sold remove

    Open to offers. Thanks
  3. EAS

    What do you think this bull will score?

    Yep... that’s a good way to put it! Haha
  4. EAS


    I’m open to offers
  5. EAS

    Velvet Bulls

    Gets the blood pumping! Thanks for sharing
  6. EAS


    I tend to pull my cameras right before winter snow freeze starts to save some life on them (unless I plan on hunting dec/Jan in the area). And then I put them back out after the shed hunting frenzy.... when they tent to be more likely to grow legs. Some of my more remote cams stay up all year.
  7. EAS

    Kimber micro Raptor

    Gently used 380, Ive put about 40 rounds through it. Original box etc included. $600
  8. EAS


    $900 scope and I have 2 sets of rings or a one piece to pick from. $800 no rings.
  9. EAS


    NIB C545 ATACR F1 $3000 i probably have some rings to toss in if you don’t beat me up on price.
  10. EAS

    300 aac blackout AR upper

    I honestly don’t remember, I’m thinking it was a guntech.
  11. Complete less bcg. 12.5” pistol or sbr 40 rounds fired. Adjustable gas block. $160 Gilbert
  12. EAS


  13. EAS

    Owens Armory custom 6mm

    ++ for Owens Armory - sickness for distance! You can trust that this rifle shoots! Good deal for someone