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    Huntin big Coues bucks
  1. Catalinacouesmstr

    .308 Norma mag?

    If your lucky
  2. Catalinacouesmstr

    Unit 33 vacation rental

    Have 3 b.r. 2 bath mobile home located in Catalina Az. In the heart of unit 33. Next to units 37a and 37b. Will rent by the week or weekend for your hunts. $650.00 a week. 6 person max. Also weekend rates. To book you can e-mail : dashcrete@ yahoo.com for booking phone # and info.
  3. Catalinacouesmstr

    gun builders in Tucson

    Brett Welchert does great work and he's local.
  4. Catalinacouesmstr

    HB 2072 Sale of big game tags

    Sounds like another attempt to make hunting a rich mans sport!
  5. Catalinacouesmstr

    How to Post Photos

    Coming off the mountain after a successful opening day hunt in unit 33.
  6. Catalinacouesmstr

    Fantasy Football

    I'll get in. Sounds like fun.
  7. Catalinacouesmstr

    Win a Rifle Railz/Loc Jaw Combination

    91 3/8
  8. Catalinacouesmstr

    Guess the score contest - April 2011

    Theres some deduction there. 134 4/8