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  1. Quagmire

    Truck side steps

    +1 on the Amp power step. I have them on 2 of my trucks and I will on any other trucks in the future. Very minimal problems.
  2. Anthony at Desert Autotech is solid and very reasonably priced. He's off of Stone behind a used car lot called Lens. Not in Marana but I trust his work and has worked on several of my work and personal vehicles.
  3. Quagmire

    Tucson Paver Installer Needed

    Reach out to Cornerstone Paving. I don't think he's a member but he does hunt. He's also licensed! (520)272-8275
  4. Quagmire

    Thanks AZ...

    Nice work...the first picture with the hillside behind you is a great photo!
  5. Quagmire

    Pig down

    Great job and thanks for sharing. Looks like a hefty one!
  6. Quagmire


    Crazy clear video for sure.
  7. Quagmire

    Good Find

    So cool!
  8. Congrats DonkeyMan on a heck of a hunting season!
  9. Quagmire


    Heelers are amazing dogs, good looking pups!
  10. Quagmire

    34A Muzzy hunt

    Beautiful buck there LKiny, congrats!!!
  11. Quagmire

    Looking for help 36b

    All comments above are spot on as well
  12. Quagmire

    Looking for help 36b

    You still have time to explore new areas if needed. I've never hunted that part of 36B but plenty of bucks everywhere.
  13. Quagmire

    Looking for help 36b

    Where abouts in the unit are hunting?