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  1. Quagmire

    Looking for Long range scope recommendations

    I've never personally looked through the glass but I know the owners of Riton. I just happened to do some work for them a couple years back here in Tucson and when we were chatting and I asked them what they did, they told me that they built scopes. I asked them how comparable the glass they used to the big name guys were and they said Vortex.
  2. Quagmire

    They are Hitting Cards

  3. Quagmire

    2019 Coues Hunt Video

    Great video Mike! Enjoyed watching it and looking forward to seeing watching many more future vids.
  4. Quagmire

    Pajarita wilderness

    A good plan indeed for a unit that has hunters everywhere! Great unit and I am also hoping I am drawn for this unit. Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Quagmire

    Favorite tattoo artist or studio

    In Tucson, Kevin Patrick. Look him up on Facebook, Kevin Patrick Tattoo. He is getting to move to another studio but is the best in Tucson. His awards speak for themselves and is a good dude...
  6. Quagmire

    Tonto Creek Fishing

    Nice! Thanks everyone for the tips. I will report back next weekend on how everything went.
  7. Quagmire

    Tonto Creek Fishing

    Thanks for the reply guys. I know how to fish just not fly fish. It's my first time ever fishing in a stream.
  8. Quagmire

    Tonto Creek Fishing

    Hey everyone, I'm heading to Khols Ranch area next weekend and I'm staying in a cabin that backs up to Tonto Creek. I've never fished it before and I'm looking for any pointers and any recent reports. What baits work well. I am not fly fishing, I do not know how... Thank you!
  9. Quagmire

    GUNSMITH N/W Tucson

    One more for Kyle Craig, Craigs Custom Rifles. Top notch builder and businessman.
  10. Quagmire

    DEF delete.

    I have my 6.0 deleted and I pass emissions. You need a programmer. My mechanic did it for me and put the SCT tuner. No emissions bs.
  11. Quagmire

    Gunwerks G7 BR2 ballistics rangfinder

    I need this, pm on it's way
  12. Quagmire

    Ruger .357 magnum $450

    This is a great gun and I have the same one. If it stays much longer, I may have to grab it!
  13. Quagmire

    Practice pays off

    Open sights and 132 yards, I'm impressed! Great work and thank you for sharing.
  14. Quagmire

    First deer ever!

    Great job youngster! Bow hunting is challenging and I tip my hat to all those who have the patience for it.
  15. Quagmire

    Dec 2019 Rifle Coues

    Nice December buck, congrats on ending the 2019 successfully!