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  1. Lookin4amonster

    Draw results

    Yup... hunt numbers just posted
  2. Lookin4amonster

    Draw results

    Looks like the portal is in the process of updating right now. Still says "Pending", but the site is running really slow, and if you click on "View Details" it will show your tag# if you got drawn.
  3. Lookin4amonster

    December Coues Success

    Thank you all. Appreciate the kind words.
  4. Lookin4amonster

    December Coues Success

    If you ask me, there's not much greater than chasing these little Coues deer each December. My family & I always wait for the crowds of opening weekend to pass before we head down between Christmas/New Years annually, and we typically have the place to ourselves. This year was no different. The first day we got down there (myself excluded), my dad went out in the afternoon to glass a ridge we've always seen deer on. He spotted two bucks, and knew we had a plan for the morning. While he took a friend of ours to an area these deer might push to, my brother snuck up the backside to where the bucks were spotted the night before. No more than 2 minutes after coming around the a hillside to where that area was in sight, he spotted a buck broadside at appx 150 yards away. One shot later & he dropped this nice little 3pt in his tracks. As I was driving down that morning, simultaneously, I was disappointed to hear that I missed all the action, but excited he was able to seal the deal. That night, the temperature dropped significantly and we even took on some rain/snow. The plan for the next morning was to hike up high and spend the day. I only had 3 days at this point to tag out, and I'd had success previously going high to this one particular point. I wish I knew ahead of time just how cold/windy/snow-covered the higher elevation was, because I never would have gone up there. We saw a few does run up and over the top, but the consensus after only a few hours was that the cold weather had pushed everything down to lower elevations. On our way down a different route, we spotted a small small 2pt that my buddy wanted me to take, but I have killed plenty of small Coues deer in this area, I wanted to hold out for something bigger. And I'm glad I did. The plan for the next morning was to take a horse trail up to a saddle a couple of ridges over from where my brother shot his buck, and work my way west towards that area. I got up to my glassing spot right before light (any earlier and hypothermia would have set in), and immediately started seeing deer. All does for the most part, and another small buck that went up & over the top of a ridge before I could be tempted. I decided to continue on this horse trail that went around the backside of where that small buck went over, and took me to where my brother had success. I popped over the top onto the cold, shaded north-facing slope, and immediately kicked up one doe. She slowly meandered off, not too spooked. I kept walking and kicked up 5 more does that ran straight north out into the flats, but not necessarily hauling a$$. It looked like everyone was trying to stick pretty close. As I came to this rocky outcrop, the trail then hooks briefly back toward the way I came into a tiny little bowl. At that time, I heard my friend over the radio say he saw yet another small buck on the ridge line across from me. It was Saturday morning, I had one more day to close the deal, I thought "what the heck". So I sat on a rocky flat spot, threw my .270 Ruger over my shooting sticks and got setup on this deer. When I spotted him in my scope, his head was now behind an ocotillo and I could not confirm it was the same buck with 100% confidence, so I waited. In the meantime, I chambered a round. Right as I pushed the lever locking the bullet in place, a large 4pt buck jumped up behind me at 60-80 yards in that small bowl. He had been watching me the whole time. I quickly jumped up, threw the scope on him as he ran towards the top of the ridge. He briefly stopped at appx 120 yards, BOOM! Center punched, a little high. I could see the blood exiting his body as he managed to run another 30-40 yards. He started to slow his run again, BOOM! Spined him. It took one more finishing shot and he was done. This buck died no more than 50 yards from where my brother's died 2 days earlier. This is definitely my biggest Coues to date, and I could not be happier. I believe all those previous does in the area were hanging with him, and he was not content leaving them. Based on the fact that all previous 100-class deer I've seen in this area do NOT stick around when you jump them. I want to take this last minute to pay my respects to a close family friend/hunting buddy we lost a few months ago. Allen "Grizz" Samuelson. Or Uncle Sam to me. Him and my dad have been hunting friends since the early 80's in Steamboat Springs, CO, and he's always been a kind, helpful friend who wouldn't miss any opportunity to spend time out in the field with his friends. He was a big part of my life, and I know he was standing over me as I harvested my biggest buck to date. Miss you every day, buddy. RIP.
  5. Lookin4amonster

    Unit 7 Prescribed Burns

    Their previous batch of prescribed burns in July really hurt the elk conditions this year in some very popular spots.
  6. Lookin4amonster

    7E .. crickets

    Headed up to 7E today to meet up with my dad who has a tag. He's been up there since Tuesday & it's been DEAD where we usually hunt. No bugling, and he's not even spotting elk from high vantage points. To everyone else heading up, good luck. Just thought I'd give the scouting report.
  7. Lookin4amonster

    Results out on portal, post up your hunts

    Four 36c tags in our group (3 late december, 1 early december) When did they even add the Nov 30 - Dec 9 hunts?
  8. Lookin4amonster

    card hit

    It would be the two together.
  9. Lookin4amonster

    Application Question

    Hey, gotta ask.. thanks guys
  10. Lookin4amonster

    Application Question

    Quick question: if you apply for a bonus point only, do you lose your loyalty point? TIA
  11. Lookin4amonster

    Hunts for Heroes - Desert Bighorn hunt

    It was unbelievable watching everyone step up and volunteer over the last few days on this forum. I cannot believe how fast that ram was on the ground from inception of the thread on Tuesday. Congratulations and THANK YOU for your service.
  12. Lookin4amonster

    Success for a Rookie Coues Hunter

    Good for you man for making the trek! Congrats on a great buck. Glad you're hooked.
  13. Lookin4amonster

    Lucky Me 36C

    Hike4Coues, I've hunted in 36c my entire adult life. Elkhorn Ranch is a great area (killed 5 bucks in that area), but nothing bigger than a 90" buck. My dad took a 105" out of there a couple years ago. I actually just got back from down there last night for a friends hunt. PM me if you want my two-cents.
  14. Love the Broncos hat! Congrats.
  15. Lookin4amonster

    Late Archery and First Bull

    Congrats man! and welcome to AZ