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    My number one interest is to serve the Lord with all my heart, soul, and strength. I also love to go out in God's beautiful creation and kill Bambi.

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  1. Younghunter

    Late Archery Elk Hunt

    Sweet bull! I'd be ecstatic with arrowing a bull like that on my late hunt.
  2. Younghunter

    Lucky or Blessed?

    Thanks, hopefully I'll get a crack at a buck like the one in your avatar
  3. Younghunter

    Lucky or Blessed?

    I'm 21, just drew a 13b rifle tag with two bonus points. I drew two early antelope tags one rifle one muzzy and also an early archery 9 bull tag, all before I was 20. So what do y'all think, lucky or blessed. Wesley
  4. Younghunter

    Late Archery Elk Hunt

    Anymore pics of the one in your profile When I get home, I will find an the sd card and take a picture of him on the wall It would be cool to see some more pics.
  5. Younghunter

    Anybody cards still getting hit?

    The AZGFD shows the payment processing as being completed. So I would say tough luck. Wesley
  6. Younghunter

    Rez bull how big

    I'd still like to see more pics of this pretty bull.
  7. Younghunter

    Rez bull how big

    Maybe I'm way off but he looks closer to 380 than 330 to me.
  8. Younghunter

    G&F page....somethings happening!

    I just did what you said and all my old info is now showing. Your department ID isn't always your social though.
  9. Younghunter

    Is Camouflage Necessary

    Just wondering what your guys opinions are on camouflage clothing. Also do you think upper body is more important than lower. Wesley
  10. I did a ton of research when I was purchasing a muzzleloader. I would say that after the Ultimate Muzzleloader the Knight and Thompson Center muzzleoaders are the best. I ended up going going with a Knight because I felt like from all that I had read they would be the more accurate gun. The biggest con to the Knight muzzleoader is their cap system besides that I have been very pleased with mine. The Knights are a little bit heavier if I remember right too. Well there's my two cents. Wesley
  11. Younghunter


    So my mom got drawn for the 6b rifle muley hunt. The funny thing about it is I didn't mean to put her in for that. I had meant to put her in for the 6a muley hunt which is right above the 6b hunt and I must have accidentally clicked on the wrong one. So we have a hunt for a unit we know absolutely nothing about. That being the case, I have a few questions. Are there many muleys in the unit, and what portion of the unit are they mostly located in? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wesley
  12. Younghunter

    2011 Coues mount

    Great buck! What did he score?
  13. Younghunter

    My 442 SCI 2012 Bull

    Great prank!