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    I'm a Sun Devil who loves to fish, hunt and spend time with my family. Missed out on hunting for way too long... Most of my time is spent handling video production at www.paintitblacktv.com

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  1. Devil Diver Down

    96 Toyota 4runner Transmission needs repair

    Yota Pros in Tempe just worked on our '97 4Runner (not the transmission though) and we're very happy with the quality of work and they seem like honest guys. 480-699-2880
  2. Devil Diver Down

    Vortex viper HD spotting scope/ phone skope also

    pm sent
  3. Devil Diver Down

    2013 Hoyt charger

    Solid bow. All of Hoyt's research & development without the hefty price tag of their top of the line bows. I have the model before that (Turbohawk - same but with no string stopper) and it's a shooter. Killed my first archery bull with it in 2012 and it's my backup bow these days. Best of luck with the sale.
  4. Devil Diver Down


    Is there a "hide" function on this board so I can make sure my wife doesn't see these pics? 😉 Our GSP is 15 1/2 and it's just a matter of time before he goes to the Great Quail Grounds beyond. My wife is putting the pressure on for a new pup before he's gone. Great looking pups.
  5. Devil Diver Down

    *price drop* Firstlite Kodiak & More

    I'm interested in the 3200 bag but not 100% sure it will fit me. You going to be around later this afternoon/evening? I'm also in Chandler.
  6. $20 For sale is a brand new Tri-Tronics Tracer e-collar light (Red). I paid around $50 for it but never got around to using it. I'm in the East Valley (West Chandler); will consider shipping but buyer pays PayPal & shipping fees. First photo is from the manufacturer, second is actual item. Best way to reach me is via text 602-77oh-013five
  7. Devil Diver Down

    German Shorthair Pointer Puppies

    Yep. Me as well. My GSP is going to be 17 in 2 months and even though I screwed up by not having enough time to dedicate to his training, he's been a great addition of the family and by far the best dog I've owned.
  8. Devil Diver Down

    2015 Polaris Ranger ++SOLD++

    I recognize that Ranger! I'm one of teh guys who keeps coming up there filming for TNC and asking you if you need help controlling rogue elk coming onto your property.
  9. Devil Diver Down

    Hoyt Powermax

    Good bow at a hard to beat price. I use the predecessor to the Powermax (the Turbohawk) as my backup after using it as my primary bow for several years and killing my first archery bull with it. All of Hoyt's R&D without all the cost. Good luck on the sale!
  10. Devil Diver Down

    Dog training

    Wish I had a pup to train and the time to train one. My GSP will be 17 this Fall. None of my business (of course that won't stop me from asking) but what did you do with your pup?
  11. Devil Diver Down

    WTB: Maps NM GMU 2 and Colorado GMU 49

    Thanks, I'll check it out but I also like to have a hard copy. I guess I'm old school.
  12. Devil Diver Down

    WTB: Maps NM GMU 2 and Colorado GMU 49

    I was fortunate to draw early archery elk tags for both states and I need to get my hands on good maps of those units in the next couple weeks. If I can't find them used, I'll get them new but figured I'd give this a shot first.
  13. Devil Diver Down


    Does the MR bag have the guide light frame? Do you have any pics to post? tia