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  1. Paso Robles

    SOLD - Jim White heads

    Must have been operator error. I will buy the one if it is still available
  2. Paso Robles

    SOLD - Jim White heads

    Pm sent
  3. I will buy the tripod adapter. Would you ship it to Cali.?
  4. Paso Robles

    Raffle bull

    Congrats to all. An AMAZING bull.
  5. Paso Robles

    Swarovski SLC tripod mounts

    Do you have a mount still for sale?
  6. Paso Robles


    I will buy the jacket . Jim 805-610-1407
  7. Paso Robles

    What was your favorite hunt?

    Great topic Eric..... Hands down my single most memorable hunt was in 2009 when my son drew his first ever elk tag. Not just for the time spent afield, but also the time spent on the road to and from the hunt....time together in the tent on a few very cold nights playing cards and time spent with some new friends at their Thanksgiving table. Anyone recognize the guy on the far left?
  8. Paso Robles

    2010 elk success

    Great bull Ryan........Why wasn't I invited along on the hunt? Kinda hurts my feelers..........Congrats buddy.
  9. Paso Robles

    Zone 6 California Bighorn

    SD.......Congrats. on a great tag! All of us here in Calif are hoping to pull one of those sheep tags in our lifetime. I would give Don Anderson (805 466-3240) of Anderson Taxidermy and Guide Service a call. That guy can flat out find BIG animals. Be it Big Sheep, Giant Coues Deer or Monster Bears, Don will not steer you wrong. Good luck with your Sheep Hunt......Jim
  10. Paso Robles

    California Pig Hunting

    Bill, The deer numbers are nowhere near that any longer. Pig population fluctuates with the rainfall and as I said before our tule elk population has taken off in this area. Here are the bulls we have taken in the last few years. 2007 Tule Bull 277 S.C.I. 2008 Tule Bull 299 S.C.I/
  11. Paso Robles

    California Pig Hunting

    Bill, Like many western states, deer numbers are way down in the last 10 years. Still some decent bucks around, but the good ones are much harder to come by. The Tule elk have really taken off in this area. We get one PLM tag a year for Tule bulls. If Bret would have kept focused and looked for pigs instead of glassing up turkeys, deer and elk......................maybe we would have seen more pigs. Jim
  12. Paso Robles

    California Pig Hunting

    Hey Chris, good to see your still kickin'. we are really lookin forward to that 6A tag, it will be Nolan's first elk hunt. Bill, The Eade ranch is just north of San Ardo, I am not sure if they still commercially hunt it or have a hunt club on it now. As the crow flies it cant be more than 15 miles to the ranch where Bret stayed and killed his pigs.
  13. Paso Robles

    California Pig Hunting

    Bret, Glad you and George made it home safely. It was good to see and we had a great time hanging out with you. Spanky, I will be heading out that way in late November, my 17 y.o. son drew a 6A bull tag. Bullwidgeon promised Nolan that he would find us a couple of 390ish bulls close to the road with no hunting pressure........what a guy. Bill, The area we hunt is just north of Paso Robles in southern Monterey county. The turkeys we have down here are Rio's and yes in the last few years the Tule population has taken off. tjhunts, We do guide full time out here. Bret's hunt was just couple of buddy's hunting together. A few years ago Bret and his family took us under their wing and helped us out on a jav-a-lino hunt in southern Az.
  14. Paso Robles

    California Pig Hunting

    Rumor has it that your very own Bullwidgeon and his side kick Goerge are on their way back from the great state of California after a successful few days of hog hunting. Bret "FINALLY" took us up on our offer to come hang out with the cool people and see how we do things out here. Has anyone heard from the little fella? Maybe he's lost and cant find his way back to the land of the cactus.
  15. Paso Robles


    I am looking for two of the older yellow Motorola Talkabout Distance or two of the grey Motorola Talkabout Distance DPS. I need to combine these with a few sets that we have. Thank you, Jim